Friday, February 29, 2008

The walk

Holy cow, 2 hours, actually nearly 2.5 hours! Ernest came and we walked through the snow for hours and talked. It was so wonderful. It was an incredible work out for my legs. We got to a park and walked through tons of snow there too. It was superb!! And of course, talking to a real live person is really good for my soul. Especially someone like Ernest. He has the most beautiful soul. All the beautiful souls are always married! LOL. Really, he is like Jim, they are both like brothers to me, I could never be romantic with either of them.

I am going to feel it tomorrow! Tomorrow is suppose to be a run day. I think I might make Sunday my run day and tomorrow my day off, to give my legs a little break. Particularly since my brother called today and he and his wife are bringing my mother to visit me tomorrow. I did not have the heart to tell them I had too much homework to do still. Since my brother is like......what is really important?? So....I may be up late tonight doing homework. I did whip around the apartment and organized the PILES of papers and shit laying around for my school work. There are still piles, but at least they are organized piles. I am not going to clean, they will just have to accept that fact.

I think I need to decide WHAT MUST get accomplished by Monday, and what I can leave to pick up next week. I don't think that I am going to get it all done. But.....that is a sinking feeling cause next week, I have THAT homework to do too. It is too much and when I am trying to teach it to myself, well, that makes it that much more difficult. So. Tomorrow I meet with the tutor in the morning and by the time I am finished with him, my family will be here. Then I have tomorrow night and Sunday. I will have until about 1pm on Monday, then........the shit hits the fan. So, as much as I can have done, all the better...........I am already wishing this semester was over with. Thankfully, there are basically no papers to write this term......which makes it easier.

Ok.....time to find something good to eat and get crackin. Peace.

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