Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Someone Save me!

I hate this paper! I am going to scream at the top of my lungs if I have to think about it another minute! If I were a consultant for this hospital (the one in the paper, that I am expected to consult for on paper) this would take me weeks to design a plan, design an implementation and monitor it, yet I am expected to do this in less than half that time, with huge amounts of information that I do NOT have (yet need). This is painful. I need to have a revised draft complete by 2pm tomorrow so I can take it to the writing center and they can be sure my passive writing style has stayed effectivly in my blog. I have my hospice patient tonight to attend to, so after 6pm I am effectively out of time until tomorrow morning. GRRRRRRRRRRRR. Double GRRRRRRRRRRRRR. I want to do anything right now except write this damn thing. SHIT!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007


I felt the need to come and post.......and here I sit, blankly staring at the screen. I read many blogs and I am always impressed with the prose of those who write them. I started this blog as a "personal journal" of sorts. A place for me to come and "spill my guts". Some of you come and read (I am not quite sure why you come back, but some actually do come back!) and leave lovely comments that spur me on to keep "spilling". I have a desire for this to be more than that, and yet I seem to continue to come and spill. It is possible that it is all I need to do. Possibly it is not my role to entertain you with my writing ability or my whit, but rather be real and share the realities of my life in a rather rote manner. Rote may be too critical, but you get my point. For now, I suppose that I will settle for this and continue to drone on. My brain can only do so much and I believe that I am reserving it for the scholarly writing that must be produced for people who actually hold my future in their hands. Certainly they could not appreciate my passive writing skills! I am beginning to settle in a bit more each day. I feel that I have grown much over these first weeks of the doctoral program, which excites me as I look forward and know that there is much more growing and learning ahead of me. I hope that life is treating you each well and that you have peace and joy in the many corners that you turn. Peace.

Monday, October 29, 2007

So far so good

The first full day and things went well. She cooked dinner tonight (with curry) and it was great! I probably wouldn't want it every night, but it was yummy. We went to a workshop at the graduate school today that was highly productive. I have some serious work to do between now and next Monday. My schedule is FULL this week, so I am hoping to be productive in the down times to accomplish it all. We are adjusting to this new transition and each day will get better. Now.....I am off to bed and we shall see what tomorrow brings! Peace out!

Sunday, October 28, 2007


She is moved in. She brought so much stuff! I had figured out a way to get the desk out of my office (her room) thank goodness I did, she would never been able to get all of her stuff in there! I am not charging her rent right now, hopefully once she gets a job she can help out a bit. I am nervous, but I think it is going to be ok. She is wonderfully sweet and her family was very cool. She speaks swahili and my friend Ron had taught me one word that I could remember and it was something to the effect of welcome, so I used it and she was so appreciative, then started talking Swahili.....of which of course I just had a blank stare....LOL. She brought me some fabric to wrap around myself. This is what she wears around the house. What a wonderful opportunity for me to learn about her culture and Kenya. Very cool indeed. I am cooking up some Jambalya for dinner while she gets herself settled in her room. A new world is opening, this should be fun. (and scary, but I think the fun is going to overide the scary part) Now....homework!!!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Slow start.....

It was a slow start to the game. This seems to be typical for Michigan Football, almost as if they are testing the waters to see what the other team is going to show up with. I am here to tell you, we can not start slow against tOSU. The good news is that our two best players were in street clothes today. So we beat up on Minnesota without our two best players. Florida LOST today, which only makes me all the more happy ( I so don't like them or their cry baby coach). MSU lost to Iowa (!!!!) USC lost to Oregan (which, having lost to Oregan this year, it makes that loss sting less) Nothing, of course, can make the loss to Appy State sting less. Nothing. Ever. tOSU is winning against Penn State.........meh. Part of me wants tOSU to come to the Big House undeafted and part of me just wants them to lose every game they play. I am annoyed that they are good. Ok, I think that about covers my thoughts on CFB tonight. No comments on school work. I am pretending that I have none for the remainder of the day. The ole "head in the sand trick" It has never worked for me before, but I thought I would give it a shot tonight ;o) Peace.

Go Blue!

Today is the next to the last home game for Michigan. It would be nice if the rain stopped, however I have a feeling that I will be a cold wet puppy for most of the game. This shall not deter my spirit as I cheer on the Maize and Blue! I hope that you all enjoy your day!! Peace.

Friday, October 26, 2007


Why is it that I seem so unmotivated? I have a paper due at midnight tonight and I have no motivation to write it. Oh, it is started and all, I just keep finding something else to do, besides sit down and finish it. The thing is, if I would just DO it........then I could enjoy the rest of the day/evening without that panic of needing to get it done. My roomate will be moving in on Sunday. I am looking forward to it.........and......I am nervous about it. What if she makes me nuts? I am sure it will be fine, and honestly it is likely a good thing for me, as I think I am getting a little eccenric spending so much time by myself. The bonus here is she likes to walk and I would so love someone to walk with. Although I really need to just go to the gym. Ok......I think I will look for some motivation and pump this puppy out and be done with it. Peace.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Ok, this is way cool!

With Firefox, I found this

It is a toolbar that installs on your browser and you click a button and it takes you to random websites, (you pick your topics) It is so totally awesome. 90% of the websites that came up for me, I was like....WAY COOL!

So check it out.....I am nursekatie on stumble, so add me and I can see what you are finding!


Laundry, homemade turkey soup, strawberry shortcake, homemade bran muffins.......all in a days work. I shared the soup with the neighbor (and have 3 big freezer ready containers full of it, the bran muffins are a batter mix that keeps in the fridge for 3 I can have a yummy fresh muffin each morning for breakfast.......ahhhhhh....I feel like a mom again! The strawberry shortcake was by default, I had an extra bisquit left over and needed room in the freezer, so out came the strawberries.........all in all a very yummy day! Tonight is more homework (of course, did you expect anything different?) I of course did homework throughtout the nesting activities. Tomorrow is a major homework wrap up day (as is Saturday morning and Sunday) Saturday afernoon is reserved for the Michigan game of course!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

You know you are getting old when........

Your child is one year away from being a quarter of a century old! My daughter turned 24 today. I was 22 years old when I had her! We celebrated on Sunday when she was here in A2 with me. I am so proud of her, she is becoming an incredible woman. I miss having her around, she is a chatter box and can talk circles around me, but I love to listen to her! I am thankful that she likes to talk to me! Happy Birthday to Chrystal!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


It is chilly!! I love to cuddle up with a blanket and be all cozy. I am resigning myself to the fact that until mid December I will be reading and writing every day. I feel like I am getting my footing and I will be so happy to be finished with these classes that are not my cup of tea. It will be nice to get into the research that is my field of study and see some results of my work. I hope that you are all enjoying your life! Peace.

Thought of the day

Ok, since you have been suffering through my whining, I thought that sharing a thought for today would be apporpriate. I get these thoughts of the day from a buddhist based service and they are always inspiring to is one for today.........

When little obstacles crop up on the spiritual path, a good practitioner does not lose faith and begin to doubt, but has the discernment to recognize difficulties, whatever they may be, for what they are—just obstacles, and nothing more. It is the nature of things that when you recognize an obstacle as such, it ceases to be an obstacle. Equally, it is by failing to recognize an obstacle for what it is, and therefore taking it seriously, that it is empowered and solidified and becomes a real blockage.


Monday, October 22, 2007

Just my luck........

Ok, so long about midnight, I decided that I was not going to burn the midnight oil and I wrote to the prof to ask for an extention for 2pm today. I get up this morning and there is an email, stating I may have an extention and to check the website. Nothing there, until 20 minutes later when she extends the deadline (that has now passed btw) to NEXT Monday......seems that I was not the only one struggling with this paper. I am so glad that I opened up an ulcer in my gut over this.....geesshhh! I will however be working on this paper today, then I can sit on it for a few days before I edit it. Maybe it will be better than sub par, which, in my opinion, has been the type of work I have been turning in to this point. Aside from this, I am finding some level ground with this term. It is really a mind over matter adjustment. Think about it, a year ago at this time I took 17 credits AND managed an agency at 50+ hour per week.....this is NOT that much more difficult than that is simply ALL the changes in my life added in. I CAN do fact.....I AM doing this. :o) Ok....I have the Turkey carcus cooking on the stove to make stock for I will have yummy smells all day.....and I am here.........reading and writing.........reading and least I can see now that I have my new glasses! Peace out

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Long night ahead!

Ok, so I had a visit with Ron, the kids came and I fixed a delictibale Turkey dinner for them, we played UNO and had a great they are gone (and I am a little sad) and here I sit at 9:00PM with a paper due at 0800 in the morning and I have not started it. Even IF I get an extension, at the very least before I can go to bed, I must write a rough draft, which of course is the most painful part. Editing is easy. So......I am looking at burning the midnight oil for the second week in a row. So what am I doing here? Avoidance? to the draft.........which, "oh by the way" is an assessment of a large hospital and a plan of change to fix their problems, a job that would take a normal consultant weeks to develop........yeah....should be great fun. See ya on the flip side!

Friday, October 19, 2007


Today is going to be a hell of a day! I have a seminar at the graduate school to attend. Before and after I have errands to run. Plus, I need to at least get this other paper in serious draft form today. I am taking the reading material for the paper with me, to read at stop lights and other times that I must sit and wait. I really would like to have the weekend least until Sunday evening. I know my kids won't stay late on Sunday, so I should have time to work on a draft before it is due on Monday......or.....I will be up late again Sunday night. I also have 3 chapters in a text book that I must outline and print for the class by Tuesday night. Three short papers due next week......all easily doable next week. I know that I have final type papers that are due at the end of the term that I need to at least look at the expectations and decide if they need my attention now. All in all.....I feel pretty accomplished, for the first time this term! On an even brighter note....I get my new glasses today! Yeah me! I am seriously tired of the constant "focus" concentration......I just want to SEE.

On another note.......I am a totally lame dearest friend Jenny had a Birthday this month and I didn't even bother to email her or post it here on her birthday to wish her a happy birthday........I am so sorry Jenny! I love you and your gift is going in the mail today (or tomorrow) it is wrapped and waiting for me to pick up a box at the post office and send it on its way! I know you just is so lame of me......;o(

Ok......time to get beautiful (which happens to take longer the older I get) and head out into the big beautiful world of Ann Arbor. (I am cheating today.....since I have to pick up my glasses, I am parking in the "Patients only" parking lot, it is close to the graduate school, so I can attend the seminar and not have to spend 40 minutes looking for a parking spot........shhhhh don't tell, if they find costs me $25!!!)


Thursday, October 18, 2007

Another one bites the dust!

Another paper in the can! Yeah me! I still have another short one to finish tonight. I am debating on starting a third one tonight, or work on my grant stuff.........I am leaning towards the grant stuff....cause I can watch tv and sit in my easy chair (OMG that sounded just like my grandmother! SHIT! I am getting fucking old!) neck is KILLING me.........I am in need of a good massage therapist!!! Peace...............

Throw Yourself Like Seed

I read this poem today and it is very fitting for me right now.....just thought I would share it.

Throw Yourself Like Seed - Miguel de Unamuno

Shake off this sadness, and recover your spirit;
Sluggish you will never see the wheel of fate
that brushes your heel as it turns going by,
the man who wantes to live is the man in whom life
is abundant.

Now you are only giving food to that final pain
which is slowly winding you in the nets of death,
but to live is to work, and the only thing
which lasts
is the work; start then, turn to the work

Throw yourself like seed as you walk, and into your
own field,
don't turn your face for that would be to turn it
to death,
and do not let the past weigh down your motion.

Leave what's alive in the furrow, what's dead
in yourself,
for life does not move in the same way as a group
of cloud;
from your work you will be able one day to
gather yourself.


Moving Forward

This is a much better option than standing still or moving backwards! I felt truly accomplished yesterday and I even did some meaniful work on my presentations. Today is pure focus as I work on more papers. Hopefully I will make great progress on these as well and have time this evening again to work on the presentations. Tomorrow I have a seminar to attend at the Graduate school at noon (and my glasses are in, so I can pick them up too!) Nevertheless, the rest of the day will be available for finishing up what I can. My friend Ron is coming to visit on Saturday, so that should be nice and the kids are coming on Sunday for a visit. My goal, as you can see is to have no pressure of homework while I have visitors. I also lost an entire week. All week long I have been saying that next week is my on campus week, which there are 2 seminars and a bunch of other things going on so the week is going to be real busy............well........that isn't next week, it is the week after I have a little breathing space and I can even head over to TR to help them and make some cash! Yeah me! Here I go.........cross your fingers that I have another productive day! Peace out!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Ok, some of you have not seen my I am sitting here (after balancing the checkbook and realizing that I am broke...LMAO) and working on the answer to a grant that I was awarded (past due) and working on the presentations that I am giving as a result of getting the grant........I was admiring my tattoo and thought, I should take picture and post it! (Did you catch all of that?) So it is......although it is in the negative......anyway...the lettering is sanskrit for Mother and the flower is a lotus (the flower that grows from the mud.....symbolic........I love hurt like a mother F***er....but I am so glad I got it. And I know, I said I was taking the night off......but......real life needed attention too...and it was a good thing, I now have myself on a strict budget....which I should have done a few weeks ago....oh was fun...LMAO!


It was painful, but I finished the Exam paper. I am DONE for today....I swear.....if I have read or write another word I will scream. I feel momentum though and I have a plan for tomorrow and Friday, the weekend OFF and then next week sweep up the rest....of week is on campus and all hell will break loose....but I will worry about that next week. For now...........................I think I will turn on the TV and vegitate..........although a long walk would be excellent matter what I do......I am feeling accomplished and will enjoy the rest of the evening.........whew!

Oh...and something strange happened today.....I get this email, the subject line says HI and inside it says.......I LOVE YOU. I normally would delete and move on, but it did not seem like a spam and it made me curious....(plus allowed me an excuse to avoid the paper for a minute) I googled the guys name and sure enough he is a prof at KVCC (where my boys go to college) so I thought.......did my kids hack his account? LMAO! Then I realized that they didn't know about my email, so I felt some relief. So I thought either some kids hacked his account, or he enjoys sending obscure messages to random strangers......for his sake, I figured I would reply and suggest that students had hacked his account...or else.....he enjoys sending obscure message to random strangers. He replied back and said.....ha! This was meant for my wife who has a very similar email address to yours. Thus began our afternoon email conversation back and forth. His wife is a nurse and named Katie too. Then it got a little confusing and he realized that he is not teaching at the same KVCC that my kids go to school at in Michigan....he teaches at a college named KVCC in MAINE. That was so funny. The email address was kvcc educational I just assumed. That was quite funny. So now some prof in Maine knows more about me than my neighbors do...or hell...anyone else in Ann Arbor!!! LOL.

You know.........when.......

You know you need friends, when your daily social contact is with a college football blog.....LMAO! Good Golly......I am in serious need of getting out and making a few friends! And that time would come when.............hell freezes over....LMAO. I am not making it back home to work a few days.......this is perpetual ( that how you spell that?) (Yep..just checked it..LOL.....and it means never ending or changing.......I chose the perfect word!) Seriously though, I am slightly worried about the social aspects of my life. It is not as if I have not met anybody, but I seem to keep a close distantance.......some wall so to speak........I am not totally clear on why I am doing this. I do know however that it is making me cranky. Possibly the perpetualness (not a word, but work with me on this one) of the situation tires me as well. By all accounts what I am feeling is very typical for the first semester of a doctoral program. As discussed this year in my is more than just the first semester of a doctoral many changes in my life......changes that have isolated me. I almost wonder if that is not what I was trying to do. I find a better presence of mind when I settle into my spiritual support system that I have developed this year. I just seem to forget to do that sometimes. Being mindful, being present with each moment.....when I think of that, I feel more in control. I also seem to be sabatoging myself in some way......this only tells me that I have some insecurity issues......and that just pisses me off.....LOL. On Sunday I did go to a local services of meditation and enjoyed that and I will continue to go, hopefully I will find a community of people to enter my world.......but even that thought sends fear into me. Anyway, I am just having a thoughtful morning and wanted to "type" it all outload and see how it sounds. (sounds pretty pathetic, if you ask me, LOL!). Now, it is time to dig back into the homework........part of the problem with homework is 1) my eyes really have gotten worse and all of this reading and writing gives me a headache and is frustrating! 2) I feel like I am reading is not computing in my brain. It is not difficult stuff to read, in fact it is stuff that I spent 5 years using in my job (health policy, leadership...etc) So this by all accounts should be a piece of cake,........but I read and have no idea what I read..........which tells me that I have mental or emotional issues underlying and I really should be clearing those up, so that I can read something once and understand sure would make a huge difference in time on homework! Ok....that is my whine fest......if it irritates you to listen to me whine.....BITE ME! (and don't read I do feel better to get that to the homework.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Wait for it........wait..........

Yeah, well.........I could hold my breath until I passed out and I don't think I will ever be ahead of this thing (meaning this term of graduate work) Here I am......reading....writing....reading....writing............then I take a break to do a check on status.....and discover an assignment that I, just as I am getting ahead.....WHAM! Thought I would just share my pain with you all.........*sigh*, back to would help if my new glasses would come least I could see!

Monday, October 15, 2007

I am officially A real student now

I was up until 0330 writing a paper that was due at 0800 this morning. I guess that makes me official on the student front. I can tell you that I am far too old to be doing that. The bad news is today is not a relaxing catch up on sleep day, I have more papers to write. I really wish to have this coming weekend off for visitors, so I must really focus and get things done this week. I also would like to head over to TR at least a day or two this week to get some work done for them. Next week will be a little crazy, my new roomie will be here most of the week and we have on campus classes. I expectation after next week is that things will be much more under control and the rest of the semester will be a bit smoother. Right now though, I am old and tired....LOL. I hope your week is wonderful! Peace.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

The "Real Team" showed up!

College football this year has been interesting to watch. There have been so many surprises. Michigan however is quietly having a good season (now). The "real" michigan team showed up yesterday and creamed Purdue. It was a fun game to watch. For some strange reason my seat was changed just for the Purdue game. I typically sit in the 86 row on the 20 yard line. I love those seats because I can see the game the best. The seat I sat in yesterday was in the 50th row and it was on the side of the end zone. It was amazing how much this changed the experience of watching the game. Fortunately it was not an endzone seat, it is difficult to see the game watching from the was fun. Michigan should get ranked now, somewhere back in the top 25, but they likely won't. The hardest games are coming up. Illinois (who lost yesterday to Iowa) and OSU, who is still undefeated but has the easiest schedule of any team out there. Ok...enough of my football report. Today is homework day..............and preparing for homework for the week. LOTS to goal is to get to TR for a few days this week too. There is lots to be done there and I can use the cash. I wil catch yo uall laters!

Friday, October 12, 2007


Whew, I had a whirlwind trip back to the west side of the state for about 24 hours. I drove over Thursday night.....on I94......anyone that listened to the news that night or this morning probably heard about the closure of I94 between Galesburg and Sprinkle Road............Now......always before when I would hear that I94 was closed at some obscure location.......I would think...."wow" something bad must have happened.....I don't necessarily think.....I wonder what all those cars that drive on that stretch of road are doing now? I will forever more think about I sat basically at a stand still for 2.5 hours that night on a "Closed" I94. So my 2 hour trip to the west side of the state turned into a 4+ hour bladder was full....fortunately for was my gas tank. I try to not get upset in those circumstances because it is likely to be some horrible accident that someone was mortally hurt......according to the news this was not the seemed to be some haz mat thoughts go wild thinking about this I am choosing to not think about it......because I already sit on the edge of sanity these days. Thankfully, my trip home tonight was my normal 2 hours. Michigan Football tomorrow.....(GO BLUE!!!). This is the game that I hope tells me just how bad or good the rest of the season is going to be. Up until now, it has been a crap shoot every game......I simply don't know what "team" is going to show up for the game. I really hope the "good" team shows up will make for a more fun day! :o) Peace Out Peeps!

Thursday, October 11, 2007


My Mother and Brother came over to visit me yesterday. I showed them around campus and we had a really nice day. I am still a bit behind the eight ball on homework, but I should be able to get ahead today. I was suppose to go work in TR today, but I have this homework that is costing me (Literally, I don't get paid by them if I dont work....LOL) I will go work tomorrow though........So I really need to finish these papers. Peace out....:o)

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

I Love my iPod

Additional Update - We now know that Raspberry Cosmo's do NOT help write papers....ROFLMFAO!!!!!!!

I didn't have one until this summer, and now.......How could I live without it? Great music, playing anywhere I wish to play it? Nice. It is truly a gorgeous day, I have been waiting for this crisp fall weather, with the sun shining......the balcony door is open.....I am sitting at the dining room table, 20 text boks stacked up, four 3-ring bindres, piles of articles that I am iPod playing Daughtery..and a nice cold .......hmmm......I think I need a nice cold margarita or maybe a martini........sure...why not? I have 6 papers due in the next 6 days.........I think tequela would help me write more question about it...............Margarita on the rocks coming up! Peace out Peeps..........:o)

Ok, so I changed my mind and went with the raspberry cosmo......I made a shaker full too....hee hee.....I think this could be productive! (or not) Yes, those are heart shaped ice cubes...ROFLMAO!!! And see my screen saver, pics from michigan games.....Go Blue!! Cheers!

Monday, October 08, 2007

A new week!

As Buddha says, every day is a new day and what you do today, matters the most. Lately, this is a good thing for me, as each day I seem to "fail" at being me.......hmmm.....that really is not the way to say it. Each day does bring failures, but it also brings success, I think lately my successful moments are few and far between. It is interesting that I chose to leave my hometown where I was rather successful, in a job that was full of successful moments, in a home that had three bright beautiful creations that I was wondrefully successful at raising, to come to a much larger city, where I know no one, to a program that is difficult (as it should be).......and I wonder why I feel as if my successful moments are few and far between?? That is pretty funny. I have discussed it here all along, this transition is HUGE for me and this year has been MANY changes collectively to create this HUGE transition. I shouldn't be so hard on myelf huh? I do however need to get up to speed and stay on top........this being buried thing........really sucks. I am not even sure if there is a light at the end of this tunnel, that is how buried I feel. There must be of course and I have a plan, as I do everyday, and hopefully, if I keep working my plan, and changing it when it needs it, and working it some more......I will come to the end of the tunnel. Now.....the fact that my program is five years long.......means that I really need to get it figured out THIS term.........I can't spend five years like life is perptually like this though, I seem to make choices that create this for me.....that is interesting as well.............ok....enough babble........on to the tasks at hand............peace out.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Michigan Football

My Horoscope for today:

it should be easier than this, yet you don't seem able to sidestep stress as you limit yourself more than you prefer. Instead of scattering your ideas like Johnny Appleseed on a planting spree, keep them to yourself until you know you have found the most fertile ground. Then, take your time to share your thoughts in detail and carefully nurture them until they come to fruition.

I should have gotten this yesterday.....LMAO. I went to the game. It sucked royally.......seriously.......we are 6 games into the season.....we should have an idea of what type of team we have.....and it still is a crap shoot each game. So was hot as hell here yesterday.......I was a baked Katie sitting in the stands....the team played in such a disappointing fashion......I was NOT as I walk home in the still HOT thoughts are boiling along with my blood.......and I go to my favorite Michigan Football Blog and shoot off my mouth..........ROFLMAO!! I sounded a bit like a sailor......(considering I have dated a few sailors that isn't a huge was from OSU too........he was hot....I should look him up again...LOL). Anyway..........needless to say, I said a few things that I probably should not have said.......*sigh*.

Being in the Present Moment............practicing this buddhist not a good example of the above. When my life gets so busy........these wonderful practices that keep me centered .....seem to fall off the to do list............Deep breath........Ahhhhhhhh..........

Saturday, October 06, 2007

October? ..... OCTOBER???!!!!

WTF? How the hell did that happen? The last I checked it was the beginning of September! Holy shit! Time is going so fast that it is blinding me! I am serious folks.........when I was looking at the calendar this morning.....I was shocked! I am up early, hoping to accomplish a few things before the game. Part of the fun of the games for me is to go early and watch everything. Today, instead of going to my seat, I am heading to the tunnel, I hope to catch the team coming in and the band. much to little time.........OCTOBER???!!! OMG!!!! (Do you know how much homework is DUE in October, that I have not started yet, because by my last calculation it was early September? SHIT! Laters.............

Friday, October 05, 2007

Not so fast!

Yes Ellen, a roomie from Kenya is going to be pretty cool......I misunderstood though......she is not "moving" in until her paperwork for working at the "U" is cleared up. So it will be a few weeks. I met with the Dean today, he is really an incredible guy, he wanted to be sure that everything was going ok for me and making sure that I do a few things differently in the winter term than I did for this term. I wanted to be sure that he knew I am interested in mentoring doctoral students who come through the program in the future. This first term is so overwhelming.....having a student mentor would be beneficial. Ok.....I have so much homework it is not even funny, and I am already behind the 8 ball I need to get ahead of some of it.....I have the game tomorrow and my mother and brother are coming next Wednesday to see my digs and visit the campus (my brother is a long time Michigan Fan, so it will be fun to show him the sights). My point here is, I have 2 days that are "play" days.......if I want those to happen, I need to use every other second of my life doing homework. And so it goes.............Peace Out!

Thursday, October 04, 2007


Ok, so I fixed the cash flow problem. I am taking on a room mate, probably just for 6 months. She has a family that she wants to move to Ann Arbor, but needs a place now for just her for school. Likely to go home on weekends to her family. She is in at least 2 of my classes, so we will be able to study together, she loves to cook.....*Evil grin*........She is from Kenya, so it is possible I won't like what she cooks...LMAO! I have some work to do to make room for might be nice to have someone around the house once in a while. Ok......I am so swamped it is amazing......I need to dig out a bit and prepare for another day tomorrow..........the good news....Saturday is a home I get to have a few hours to just have some fun.........I need that! Peace out.

Whew.....where did the week go?

It has been a busy week. I have to be on campus all day today and tomorrow. I did the bus thing the other day and missed the bus home and ended upwalking 5 miles in the dark. I am doing the bus thing again today and tomorrow.....just so I can get used to it. Parking is nonexistant on campus. Gotta go..........peace out!

Monday, October 01, 2007

Cool Beans!

To the left, to the I am not Beyonce and no I am not talking about the Michigan Offensive play list,(Although both are good guesses) I am indicating that I wish for you to look at the new addition to my blog to the left of the page. This is such a cool site that you can book mark your favorite sites and then be able to access them from any computer.....AND...share them with your friends. Cool huh?

Every Day is a New Day

A little quoate of Buddha that I have on MySpace is Every day is a new day and what we do today matters most. I created my "honey do" list.......I don't have a honey to do I have a pretty long list of things to accomplish this week. I won't go into details, details are boring and I have bored you all enough with the details in the past. Just a note to let you all know......I will be busy and focused this week.....I will try to pop in and say a few meaniful words as I am able! I do hope your week is starting out well and that you find peace in a few restful places from time to time. (Hoping that for myself as well!)