Monday, October 22, 2007

Just my luck........

Ok, so long about midnight, I decided that I was not going to burn the midnight oil and I wrote to the prof to ask for an extention for 2pm today. I get up this morning and there is an email, stating I may have an extention and to check the website. Nothing there, until 20 minutes later when she extends the deadline (that has now passed btw) to NEXT Monday......seems that I was not the only one struggling with this paper. I am so glad that I opened up an ulcer in my gut over this.....geesshhh! I will however be working on this paper today, then I can sit on it for a few days before I edit it. Maybe it will be better than sub par, which, in my opinion, has been the type of work I have been turning in to this point. Aside from this, I am finding some level ground with this term. It is really a mind over matter adjustment. Think about it, a year ago at this time I took 17 credits AND managed an agency at 50+ hour per week.....this is NOT that much more difficult than that is simply ALL the changes in my life added in. I CAN do fact.....I AM doing this. :o) Ok....I have the Turkey carcus cooking on the stove to make stock for I will have yummy smells all day.....and I am here.........reading and writing.........reading and least I can see now that I have my new glasses! Peace out

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