Friday, October 19, 2007


Today is going to be a hell of a day! I have a seminar at the graduate school to attend. Before and after I have errands to run. Plus, I need to at least get this other paper in serious draft form today. I am taking the reading material for the paper with me, to read at stop lights and other times that I must sit and wait. I really would like to have the weekend least until Sunday evening. I know my kids won't stay late on Sunday, so I should have time to work on a draft before it is due on Monday......or.....I will be up late again Sunday night. I also have 3 chapters in a text book that I must outline and print for the class by Tuesday night. Three short papers due next week......all easily doable next week. I know that I have final type papers that are due at the end of the term that I need to at least look at the expectations and decide if they need my attention now. All in all.....I feel pretty accomplished, for the first time this term! On an even brighter note....I get my new glasses today! Yeah me! I am seriously tired of the constant "focus" concentration......I just want to SEE.

On another note.......I am a totally lame dearest friend Jenny had a Birthday this month and I didn't even bother to email her or post it here on her birthday to wish her a happy birthday........I am so sorry Jenny! I love you and your gift is going in the mail today (or tomorrow) it is wrapped and waiting for me to pick up a box at the post office and send it on its way! I know you just is so lame of me......;o(

Ok......time to get beautiful (which happens to take longer the older I get) and head out into the big beautiful world of Ann Arbor. (I am cheating today.....since I have to pick up my glasses, I am parking in the "Patients only" parking lot, it is close to the graduate school, so I can attend the seminar and not have to spend 40 minutes looking for a parking spot........shhhhh don't tell, if they find costs me $25!!!)


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