Saturday, October 27, 2007

Go Blue!

Today is the next to the last home game for Michigan. It would be nice if the rain stopped, however I have a feeling that I will be a cold wet puppy for most of the game. This shall not deter my spirit as I cheer on the Maize and Blue! I hope that you all enjoy your day!! Peace.


Joshua said...

Hey Katie!
This is Joshua from the mzone boards. Think I might have a solution for your Comcast/satellite woes. I'm assuming the 30k of insurance you mentioned was renter's insurance? If so, that'd run you about $10-20 a month. I happen to work for an insurance agency and with our multiple line discount most people can get renter's with their car and have it be the same or close to what they pay for just a car. If you want to check it out give me a call at work. 517-339-4020. Just let me know which Katie you are, I happen to know several. (Though it's not quite as bad as Sarahs, I have 9 i my phone!) I'd be glad to help if I can.


Katie said...

Hi Josh, I will check it out with the management here to be sure that is what it is. I was required to get renters insurance, so what they said was something extra. I wouldn't mind combining my car and renters anyway, so I may give you a call. Thanks!

Simplistic Pam said...

Wow - next to last home game? I don't really follow College Football (I randomly came across your blog), but it hardly seems likely that football season has such a dent in it already!

Katie said...

Hi Pam! Thanks for stopping by and taking a moment to leave a message! Yes, sadly just a month left to go, although hopefully we will have a bowl game. There are still 2 home games away, so 3 more weeks of the regular season, of which I will cherish every one!