Friday, October 05, 2007

Not so fast!

Yes Ellen, a roomie from Kenya is going to be pretty cool......I misunderstood though......she is not "moving" in until her paperwork for working at the "U" is cleared up. So it will be a few weeks. I met with the Dean today, he is really an incredible guy, he wanted to be sure that everything was going ok for me and making sure that I do a few things differently in the winter term than I did for this term. I wanted to be sure that he knew I am interested in mentoring doctoral students who come through the program in the future. This first term is so overwhelming.....having a student mentor would be beneficial. Ok.....I have so much homework it is not even funny, and I am already behind the 8 ball I need to get ahead of some of it.....I have the game tomorrow and my mother and brother are coming next Wednesday to see my digs and visit the campus (my brother is a long time Michigan Fan, so it will be fun to show him the sights). My point here is, I have 2 days that are "play" days.......if I want those to happen, I need to use every other second of my life doing homework. And so it goes.............Peace Out!

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ellen said...

You would make a great mentor, chica.