Thursday, October 11, 2007


My Mother and Brother came over to visit me yesterday. I showed them around campus and we had a really nice day. I am still a bit behind the eight ball on homework, but I should be able to get ahead today. I was suppose to go work in TR today, but I have this homework that is costing me (Literally, I don't get paid by them if I dont work....LOL) I will go work tomorrow though........So I really need to finish these papers. Peace out....:o)


Joe said...

See...I want a job that will pay me and I don't have to show up and work. That's my God given right as an American! lol

Katie said...

Ok Joe, let's make a deal, if you find a job that will pay you when you don't show up, you give me a lead on a job there, and I will do the same for you! hee hee

Joe said... Heck...I'd move to Michigan for a job like that! Also long as it provides full health and dental and a pension plan! lol