Sunday, October 28, 2007


She is moved in. She brought so much stuff! I had figured out a way to get the desk out of my office (her room) thank goodness I did, she would never been able to get all of her stuff in there! I am not charging her rent right now, hopefully once she gets a job she can help out a bit. I am nervous, but I think it is going to be ok. She is wonderfully sweet and her family was very cool. She speaks swahili and my friend Ron had taught me one word that I could remember and it was something to the effect of welcome, so I used it and she was so appreciative, then started talking Swahili.....of which of course I just had a blank stare....LOL. She brought me some fabric to wrap around myself. This is what she wears around the house. What a wonderful opportunity for me to learn about her culture and Kenya. Very cool indeed. I am cooking up some Jambalya for dinner while she gets herself settled in her room. A new world is opening, this should be fun. (and scary, but I think the fun is going to overide the scary part) Now....homework!!!


Simplistic Pam said...

That's super cool, I hope it works out!

Katie said...

Thanks! So far it is nice to have someone to say good morning to besides myself! :o)