Thursday, October 30, 2008

Oh my aching tooth!

Yes folks I started having that feeling that soon I would have to visit the dentist. Last Friday it started to become of a more urgent feeling, as I waited out the weekend (the pain has been like no other) I could barely wait for Monday morning. Once I got to the School of Dentistry I was told that I need a root canal or a tooth extraction. Having no money or insurance I have to opt for the extraction. HOWEVER, I can not get in for an appointment for that until November 13th!!!! Why they don't build emergency visits into their schedule is beyond me. They put me on Pen VK to get rid of the infection. That finally started to help a little with the pain yesterday, but I am in for 2 weeks of pain that really is kicking my ass. I of course don't have time for this! Yesterday I had minor surgery on my face to have a cyst removed, thankfully that pain is nothing compared to the tooth.

Otherwise, all is well. I am going home to see the kids and my parents this weekend, although I have tons of homework to do while I am there. I am looking forward to seeing them.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

This is for "real"

This is how graduate school should time for me to post on my blog! I am amazed at how much time flies by me between getting a moment to post on here! I have read more "stuff" this term than I have almost in my lifetime (ok, that is an exaggeration, but you get the point) along with reading has come MUCH "thinking". Aside from "school" I also have 2 jobs (technically) one as a research assistant which means I am the Project Coordinator (read, I do everything) and then of course I am the TA for a masters level class (although it is not a huge load of work). All in all, things are going very well. I am seriously considering a post doc fellowship in Washington DC for a year. That is a few years away, so I won't give too many details on that, but it could be a great experience for me!

The weather here in Michigan has been so lovely and I am trying to enjoy as much sunshine as possible before it disappears into the grey overcast winter. Michigan football of course is not a huge bright spot in the year, however I am a true blue fan and will hang in there with the "new regime" and hope that they can rebuild.

So peeps, life is good! :o)

Thursday, October 09, 2008


Catie is a busy girl! School is keeping me hopping! I am loving it actually! It feels good to feel as if I "belong" here. Last year was very torturous and made me question what the hell I got myself into. This year is far more smooth and I am finally showing "them" what I am made of and impressing them to a degree that I never thought I could. However, it does keep me so busy I often forget to eat! If it were not for Dave, I might not ever eat! He is very good about making meals and taking very good care of me.

Chrystal and Jeff are coming tomorrow to go to the game on Saturday. Her birthday is this month, so this is her birthday gift. I got them SWEET seats in the 8th row, on the home side at around the 30 yard line. They are so excited. I have 4 presentations to give on Monday for classes and I am working feverishly to get them done before they arrive tomorrow. One of the four I will have to finish up on Sunday. It is my mid term presentation of my research model and needs to not be rushed. It is fully in progress, it simply needs more thought and time put into it.

Other than that, things are moving along fairly well. We had an unexpected "hiccup" in the financial department so we are scrambling to make it work this term. Throw into that mix that Dave is a groomsman for one of his friends wedding in Chicago on November 1st and we need to get the tux ($150!!!!) drive to Chicago, stay in a hotel 2 nights AND buy a wedding gift, not expenses that we were counting on. We are likely to share a hotel room with 2 of his buddies (as well as the drive) so this is NOT going to be a romantic get away! PLUS, I have NOTHING to wear to a fancy wedding....ugh!

I think that brings you up to date as best I can tonight, Tabitha's Salon take over is on Bravo at 10:00, So I need to wrap up some school work and be ready to watch....hee hee. I am not a fan of reality tv, but I got hooked on this show and Dave tolerates it!