Friday, August 31, 2007


I have been awake since 0200. I have managed to accomplish a few things that I have been procrastinating on. Hopefully this afternoon and evening I can finish up on the rest of those items. Tomorrow is the first home game. I am a bit excited about this. The game itself won't be much of a challenge, but the entire experience is going to be something pretty cool. I am in the student section, so that is going to be interesting to see how that will be. I also want to get there early enough to watch the band march in. When Chrystal was in High school, she played in the band and I loved watching the band march to the football field, it is very ritualistic. Something for me to look forward to anyway! Time to hop in the shower........I am hoping that this will make me feel human again.......I have the Rackham graduate school orientation this morning....after which I will meet with the School of Nursing's Dean of the doctoral program. Hopefull my questions will be answered. Then....I am quite sure that I will be exhausted. I need to buy a few groceries though, laundry I will save until the weekend. I think Ben and Emily are coming up Saturday after the game to hang with me until Sunday. Next week is going to be a bit intense and I leave for San Fran again next Thursday. That will be my last trip out there!! It is a HUGE graduation ceremony and some sad goodbyes to some very special people (and some not so special...LOL). Ok.....shower time........although my bed sounds pretty good right now......


If you came here and read the ranting post, you may notice something missing! I got it out of my system, and now I decided it needed to go away so it is gone.

I am STILL sick, so I get to take the antibiotics.


Wednesday, August 29, 2007


I am sick.....been so all week.....I finally went to the student clinic today. Trust me, I had to feel pretty badly to go onto campus during undergraduate move in to a clinic that I have never been to before and have no idea how it works. It really sucked the big one! I have an Rx for antibiotics that I can't fill unless I am still sick on Friday. WTF? So they wish me to be miserable for 2 more days before I can feel better? Holy Hell! As a nurse, I understand the concept, they don't want me to take an antibiotic for a viral infection and they are saving me a trip back there, just to get an RX if I am not better by Friday. I appreciate that, however I did present with a fever.....that was gone by the time I was seen (2 hours later, because I took advil before I got there).........anyway........I don't like to be sick, I don't want to be sick, and if I am still sick tomorrow....I AM filling the RX. Ok......back to bed for me......peace out

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Ramping it up

I am working to finish the San Francisco training, get things rolling for this doctorate program and get my apartment settled. I finally was given the word on my funding for THIS semester. I will have to take the loan, but I won't have to work full time. I should be able to do consulting work for Three Rivers and that is it. I am releived because I really need to do well this semester. A Full time job would dramatically effect that. I am considering a retail job for the heck of it.....but don't count on it just yet. (I love Macy's and employees get a great couldn't be too bad of a job!) I am awaiting the arrival of my 2 oldest children and a friend of theirs. They are stopping by here for dinner. It should be great fun. Don't expect much from me tomorrow as I will be going to Three Rivers for the day. (Leaving at 0600) working, then having a birthday dinner for my middle son. After that, I will drive back to A2 because Tuesday is my only day left before the insanity begins. Peace out!

Friday, August 24, 2007

Good Friends..................

Good Times! Yesterday was the best day! Scott and Scott are a hell of a lot of fun! Our day began with a quick stop at the Michigan State Fair. We of course tasted a few of the regular fair food that is a must when visiting the fair. We then moved on to Greek Town in Detroit City. The casino proved to be a good place to visit, at least for Big Scott! He WON $146 bucks! I won $4, but in reality I lost $2, but hey, it was GREAT fun! We then enjoyed a yummy meal at Pegusus and a take home dessert stop from a bakery across the street.......HOLY cow.....that was very yummy! We then travled on to Sommerset..........a "collection" of stores.......SOME collection! It was true heaven. I was introduced to a store called LUSH and I am in love. It is a "cosmetic store" of sorts....with all of these hand made soaps and lotions and bath oils........I definatly have ideas for Christmas now! I stopped by Papyrus and stocked up on cards.....I LOVE that store. I didn't realize this until today, but that store is also at I will have easy access to more!! I then was treated to Bahama Breeze.........It was THE best meal I have had in a long time.........steak Kaboobs....garlic mashed potatoes and Cadillac Margaritas! Oh, yum....I seriously would like that same meal right now....LOL. Of course this was NOT a weight watchers day.......but it is all good....I am back on the wagon today! My dear friends, were very generous with their time......allowing me to drag around with them and taking me to see so much and allowing me to blabber doesn't find better friends! Thanks guys!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Do you know the way to........

San Jose, errr....I mean Detroit! Woohoo!! I am making my final pass through the apartment before I get in my buggy (get gas, stop at the bank) and head to Detroit City! It doesn't matter what we do today, I know for a fact it is going to be fun! I hope that you each have half as much fun as I do today! Peace and ease to you all.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Tomorrow couldn't come soon enough!

Wow, I just met with a PhD student and I cried afterwards. Seriously, this is going to suck ass. LMAO (I knew that fact...but....I guess I have been burying my head in the sand). The funding issues is majorly F'd up. I am going to have to take loans, and depending on what my award letter says (that I was told was mailed yesterday) I am likley going to need to work......A LOT! I won't go into much more detail on a public is very cloak and dagger here.....and little miss spill my guts is going to have to learn to keep my mouth SHUT. I will be treading lightly for the next year, just trying to keep my nose clean and my head above water....................this ain't Kansas Toto!! SOOOOOO, I get to forget about it all and travel a bit further East to see my firends Scott and Scott and have FUN. Thank you my friends for dragging my ass with you.....I hope you won't regret it! LMAO!. Peace out!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

A Day in the "D" with Scott2

My Friends Scott and Scott are being very generous with their time and letting me hang out with them on Thursday in Detroit City! WOohoo!! I am excited! I get to be with real people...LMAO! Ok, just wanted to share that real quick. I have a ton things to do tomorrow, I hope you are all having a great week so far.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Back in the Ripple

Triple Ripple that is. I worked a few hours this afternoon and tomorrow I will work the full day before heading back "home" to A2. Wednesday I have a hair appointment and either Wednesday or Thursday I will be meeting with another PhD student to try to get a better feel for things. The kids will be at my place next Sunday for dinner, and I will be back in TR next Monday and Tuesday. After that, all hell breaks loose and the fun begins! I just need to make sure that I am as ready as possible and that I do NOT procrastinate on homework.....that will be the thing that tosses me over the edge, so I need to be sure I keep up. to have dinner with Jordan. I hope you are all having a great start to your week. Peace Out!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

No studio time!

Yesterday was slightly bizarre. I was suppose to meet up with someone that lives here in A2, I have consistantly gotten mixed signals from this person, so when my email asking for clarification on the location of the meeting wasn't returned, I assumed he changed his mind. He called me about an hour after we were suppose to meet and there was a miscommunication. So I agreed to meet him in about an hour. So we met. (He seems like a fun sort, has a wicked sense of humor, and was actually handsome), however I got the distinct impression from him that he didn't think so fondly of me. We walked through the farmers market for about 30 minutes, then he had a business phone call that he was going to have to take, and poof, there I was standing on the other end of the farmers market, not quite sure where the hell I was and realizing....well shit.....what the hell just happened? (Besides the fact that he wanted to get as far away from me as possible as fast as possible). His parting comment was, "we will have to keep in touch from time to time to share our stories of single life". Yeah, that pretty much are not even close to what I am looking for..........see ya! The thing that is sad to me is, I know that the body armor that I have acquired over the last 2 years is a turn off.......but damn......what is underneath the body armor is truly beautiful. I just hope I can shed the body armor before my face gets too old...........every friggin breath I take makes me less marketable........that really sucks. Especailly when men can be grey haired, potbellied and be considered "distinguished". I know that I am not in a position to be looking for a relationship.........someone could be pretty lucky to get this find out that they really got a superb diamond! Anyway.....all of that aside I then ran a few errands and took the packages back to my car in the parking garage and had a debate with myself about what to do, when I decided to walk back dowtown for a bit, have some lunch and enjoy my I was crossing the street, at the stop light was this car, suddenly this cute girl hangs her head out and starts saying......KATIIEEEEEEEE.......I look and it is Emily, my youngest son's girlfriend. I ran up to her car and gave her a kiss and asked what she was doing in A2......she said, "GET IN". So I hopped in the car to hear her story of woe. So we parked and had lunch at a sidewalk cafe while she told me how she was meeting a friend, the friend didn't answer her phone and now Emily's phone is dead. I had her call her friend with my cell phone and give her my number. Then we went shopping and I bought her a new dress and a very cute pair of jeans. (I got to be "Momma" for a bit!) We had a great time. She is a wonderful girl, and it was great for me to spend time with someone! Her friend called and I walked her to the location where she was to meet her, and all was well again. I came home and spent the rest of the evening painting! I am VERY excited about the painting thing. Now, today.....I will probably paint some more........but I seriously need to finish the homework for the San Francisco is all due tomorrow..........oye!!! I do need to run to the grocery store.....other than that....on this rainy Sunday.........I am snuggling in........I do hope that you all are having a wonderful weekend........Peace Out!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Back "home"

I have returned to A2. I am not certain that I am considering this my "home" yet. I rather feel as if I am staying in some hotel. I spoke with Paul yesterday (my head shrink friend) and talked with him about the fact that I don't have "people" in my life. Now, before you all go and get all of course are very special people in my life. I am speaking of friends that live
"next door", friends that I can call up and say, "want to go for a walk with me?" Or some such nonsense. Interestingly enough, I don't think I have had that ever in my life. (with the exception of Jodi) Honestly, I have spent my life, living for my children. I stayed home, did things with them, went to their sporting events and hung out with them. THEY are the ones that I would say, "hey, do you want to go for a walk with me?" More often than not, they would say yes. (Ben and Chrystal, both of them are my chatter boxes that would love to have an hour with me as their captive audience...LOL). As they got older, I became increasingly aware of this fact, and I did not move here with any illusions that I would NOT be lonely, even my children knew I was going to be lonely without them! I believe that I am simply at a point that I am saying, "yeah, Ok, so now let's do something about it". Where does one begin? When classes start, I am sure I will be having an instant group from my cohort who are starting their PhD this year also. Do I really want to only surround myself with acedemia? (sp?) Seriously, if you want to make friends, you have to do something to make them, sitting in an apartment and hoping someone is going to knock on your door and say "hey, you want to be friends?" is not a realistic thought. Not that I have had that thought, but I certainly am not knocking on any doors saying that either. So, long story short..........I need to put myself out there, in some fashion. Tomorrow I will go to the buddhist temple, I really want to find a group to sit with on occasion. Buddhists are very accepting, it is not required for me to be a buddhist to sit with them, although I am not far from being called a buddhist (my kids call me one! LOL). Sitting in meditation alone is not the same as sitting with others, the energy of the other souls is inspiring, and I miss sitting with others, so that is one thing I will do. Today I am going to the studio to melt some glass, and pop around dowtown a bit. I want to find an art supply store, I need to get a few canvas', I think creating my own wall art would be awesome. These tasks might not find me new friends, but I do promise to keep my eyes open and my heart open to new possibilities. I believe that might be enough thoughts for one day. My thoughts and prayers are being sent to each of you, that you may be happy, that you may feel safe and protected, and that you may live your life with ease. Peace ~~~~

Friday, August 17, 2007

In Triple Ripple!

Yesterday was a great day. I enjoyed going to the office, it was amazing how much I actually accomplished when there were no issues to interupt me. I stopped by the hospital and was able to catch the CEO. It was great to talk to him a bit and see some of the people around there. I missed catching my boss, however I did see her when Chrystal and I went for a walk. The kids actually have done well with the house, the new interior designer did a nice job, it looks very classy. I did some laundry for them, cleaned the bathrooms and collected the garbage, cleaned out the fridge and bought groceries for them. Basically, I got to be Momma again for a few hours. Chrystal has lots of issues going on right now, so most of the conversation was with her. We got up early to go to the gym, then ended up sitting and talking, but we promised each other that we would both work out later tonight. I was missing a lot of clothes and I was racking my brain trying to think of where they could be, almost an entire wardrobe in the size smaller than I am right now and I know I am going to need them as I start to lose weight.....Chrystal said in her extra closet I left a bunch of clothes, sure enough..........there they all I loaded those into my car! (Some of my favorite things, I can't wait to fit into them again!, and then to have them be TOO big for me as I lose out of them) I also grabbed the Kirby vacuum so I can take it to the Kirby outlet in Kazoo and see how much cash I can get for it. I also need an oil change at the Toyota dealer, so will be stopping by there this afternoon. Well....I see I am back to my old ways of giving out my to do list on my blog. Sorry folks!! I am serious though, I really need to melt glass this weekend, it has been way too long and I so need to use my creative brain. Did I mention I am thinking of buying some blank canvas and painting my own living room art? Yes, I do have one blank one that is my practice canvas, I have painted it over many times, so I may see if I can come up with something that I like, then....if I think it is possible, my idea is to buy 4 large canvass' and make ONE painting out of the 4 (you know, like if they were one canvas, but then when you pull them apart, they are each a work of art alone) I think it would be very cool to have my own art hanging......but you know how artists are....most critical of our own we shall see. Wow...I am long winded today! I have enjoyed being back home ..........and I will enjoy going back to A2 as well. Peace out!

Thursday, August 16, 2007


When I had my tarot read at the art fair......she was very impressed with my reading, saying that she rarely has one that is so full of happiness and was a great reading....but the one thing that she did say was that all of this happiness and joy is going to cause me some insomnia........she was correct about that! Here I sit at 0230...wide awake.........I am about to hop in the shower! My alarm was set for 0500 because I want to get to TR as early as possible. (Time is money today). I came here instead, hoping I could bore myself back to sleep....LMAO! It is sort of working, I feel tired again!! I am going to lunch with my father and then cooking dinner for the kids and hanging out with them tonight. Oh yeah, I weighed in at WW yesterday morning and I lost almost 11 pounds in the first week...LMAO. I did good ;o) It helps that I have been walking almost 2 hours every day! Of course the first week is lots of water weight, but it still is a good feeling! Now it will slow down to a few pounds each week....but when you add them all together...........then I will be a svelt new ME in about a year! That is my goal at put on a bathing suit and go to my pool next summer! (looking very hot!) (Ok, as hot as a 47 year old can look...LMAO) Ok....I think I might try laying down again.......a few hours more sleep would be beneficial since I am sure my kids will keep me up late talking................peace out!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Volunteer Training

I am off for a day of Hospice Volunteer training. Nevermind that I ran a hospice, I still need to do 13 hours of training to be a volunteer. No worries, I am looking forward to it. (and will keep my mouth shut on "oh we did it this way" sort of comments, I will just be like everyone else!) I did not melt glass yesterday, I needed to get the EOL homework done (which I also didn't do, but I did make a big dent in it) Tonight I will work on that some more, before I head over to TR for a few days. This weekend I will melt glass and finish up the EOL homework. I hope that you are each living your life with ease. Scott, ,know that I am thinking of you and sending healing thoughts to your soul. XOXOXO Peace~~~~~

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Virtual Tour

Ok, just for you folks, a virtual tour of my new pad. The "office" is not quite settled and the bathroom has a few extra things on the counter. The living room photos came out dark, so I will have to get some better pics for you of ALL 4 chairs....just imagine 3 more chairs like the one you looks like a martini bar! Small....but I love it. The entryway has my wall of of the 3 children.....I LOVE looking at this wall.....great memories! The hall photo came out poorly, but I really enjoy the look of the hallway.

Monday, August 13, 2007


Finally, I can sit on something comfortable in my living room! Yeah! The furniture was delivered this morning. I am liking it. Pictures soon, I promise! (Battery on the camera is dead). I am working on some of the work I need to accomplish for the SF Training today. Tomorrow is my day to run a few errands and then melt glass all day downtown in Ann Arbor! I am excited!! I have not melted glass in forever! Wednesday I will be doing a day long training for hospice volunteers, after which I will go collect my beads that I made on Tuesday. Thursday and Friday are work days back at the old stomping grounds. Thursday night I will make dinner for the kids and hang out with them. I have not decided yet if I will hang around on Friday night nor not. At the rate I am accomplishing things for the SF training, I will need to come home and work on that next weekend. Anyway....those are my plans for the week. I told you all that I joined weight watchers........I don't think I told you all that I have been walking 2 hours per day........yes.....2 hours! 1 hour in the morning and 1 hour in the evening. I figured that I have the time, and it is free...soooo....I am hitting it hard. I hope you are each living your life with ease............peace out!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Every day the same.....

When you don't work, every day is the same. I used to love the it is like any other day. Strange. I do know that I will not be "not working" forever. I am fairly sure that I will need to get a job. I was considering getting a retail job. Before I do and do something really silly like that, I am going to have a sit down with the Dean of the Doctorate program at UofM and see if he can tell me that he STILL does not know the funding (with classes starting in less than a month). What they are telling me is that the University has not told them how much the school of nursing is going to get to dispurse, thus, they can not dispurse it. That makes perfect sense, except, WOW, what a thing to do to people like me who quit their job and move to A2!! No one made me do that of course, and I am pretty sure that I will be able to get a job teaching next fall or even possibly next summer. In the meantime.......I think it would be sort of fun to work at a job that has zero responsibilty after I leave for the day. We shall see. I hear tale that A2 becomes insane once the undergraduates move in, I think the traffic and parking are already horrid....I can't imagine it gets worse! I studied the bus routes last night. I am going to start taking the bus in whenever I can. It is free for UofM students. Of course I need my school ID, which I won't get until August 30th. That about covers it. The next 3 days are earmarked soley for finishing up my homework for the San Francisco training. (I have lots of catching up to do). Wednesday then is a day spent at Arbor Hospice for Volunteer Training. Thursday and Friday I will be making the trek to Three Rivers to work and see the kidlets. I of course will be back in A2 for the weekend. Hopefully next weekend I will get out and do something fun. Maybe I will have Scott and Scott over for dinner, so they can see my new pad! (My furniture gets delivered on Monday...Yeah!!) Ok.....I suppose that is enough babble for one Sunday morning. I do hope that you are having a wonderful weekend. Peace.......................Katie

Friday, August 10, 2007


but.....would I do it again?? Probably not. I made this appointment for the spa back in May, It was I know, I don't need a half a day at the spa to feel good about myself.....I think I could give $200 to a good cause and feel better! :o) Ok.....I think I am going OUT into the SAUNA to walk.....when is the heat letting up??????

Spa Day!

Can you say....."Over Indulgent" ? Well...Yes I can....thank you very much. I am over indulging today with a "Half Day of Bliss" at a local Ann Arbor Spa. I think this might be it for me and spending money......I am starting to not sleep well.....and I think it is directly related to how much money I have been spending.....considering I do NOT have a job, NOR do I have a clue how much money I might get to live on this semester since I don't know my funding yet......I do believe that I need to keep a little cushion in the bank. My plan was to be able to furnish my apartment and get myself settled, so it WAS my plan to spend money......I just have never in my life spent so much money before..........Hell.....I have been poor my entire life....LOL. So, although it was great fun........I think I am now quite sick and need to put the brakes on and Cease and Dissist......or whatever it is that they say...LOL. But....I am going to ENJOY this day.............and Ellen.......I will get pics of my new do as well as my new week sometime!!! Peace Out!!

Thursday, August 09, 2007

I am beautiful again!

Wow, it is amazing what a bad hair cut will do for a girl. I felt so friggin frumpy!! I found this great gal who understood what I wanted and actually gave me is a cute chin length bob........and I walked around A2 feeling beautiful........for a change! I have not felt well all day.......sort of flu like. I laid down this morning for a bit and it felt so good.....and I thought.......................all of those times when I was sick in my life, and just kept going...........I always wondered why people stayed in bed when they were sick..........(big babies)...........this morning I realized that you actually feel better if you lay in bed when you are sick..................I might try it again tonight!! I hope that you are all living your life with great ease..........Peace~~~~~~


I found this Brilliant writer! Here is My Favorite

I can not tell you how many times I have felt just that way...........and I am sure I will again!!

Ok, I think I get it figured out, then I buy a MAC (outdated 2 days after purchase btw) and it all goes to hell in a hand basket.............not that it is Apple's fault that I can't link things....but it sure seemed like a good thing to is the link

Hopefully that will work (OK, so you have to copy and paste it, BITE ME! LMAO. DO IT, you will not regret it!)


I am not feeling well this morning. It may be all the heat. All I did yesterday was sweat. I am trying to push down as much fluids/water as I can, because this feels a bit like dehydration to me.....but then......what do I know......LOL. Seems as if the longer I live, the less I know.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Made the appointment!

I am getting my hair cut tomorrow! I did join WW today, and I started a cleanse today as well.......I will likely lose over 10 pounds the first week.....WW will think they did good! LMAO! I think a really cute short do will lift my spirits a bit....not that I am down.........I just feel so frumpy! Ok, lots of work to do today, I just wish I had some place comfortable to land myself to get it done. I might go over to IKEA and get an office chair that is more comfortable than this wooden thing I have.....I would get far more work done if I had a comfy chair to sit in. Peace out..

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah.......

Scott told me in late June, early July to wait on getting a Mac.....the "New" one's were coming out.........well...........I THOUGHT I had waited long enough, I mean.....geeshhhh! So, I bought my Mac, and today...........they came out with the new version. What......2 days after I bought mine? Oh is still a great machine and as soon as I learn how to use it, I will be happy. I think part of the problem is that I still have my PC I am going back and forth. It is hot and humid here in A2 and my AC apartment isn't really AC....LOL. It has a wall unit in the far I run fans from each room to blow the air to the rest of the apartment....but somehow.....I feel it is such a waste of energy.....I feel so guilty for using that much. So I only allow brief periods of coolness. I can't sleep.........last night was the same about 2:30 am I took a xanax....and slept till almost 10am.......I am NOT doing that again tonight..........I hate that hung over feeling. Plus, at 0830 I am going to join weight watchers.......another step in my transformation. I am seriously thinking of getting my hair cut short too........something sexy like......Posh Spice.....only NOT Posh spice.........I have old lady hair right now.......LMAO. Ok people..........maybe I should try the bed thing again....................peace

Monday, August 06, 2007

Ok....what do you think............

I went over to Art Van's......for a second time today.......I found this wonderful round shaped swivel chair in olive is a floor I asked if they thought they could get a second one for me..........while I tried to find a love seat to match it.............she came back and said she found 3 more at 3 other stores................hmmm.....4 matching chairs............who needs a sofa??? How much fun would it be to have 4 awesome chairs? All of my wood furniture (bookshelfs, TV stand, end tables) are black.....the wall I had painted is gumball I also got a black leather square ottoman/coffee table..........for the center of the 4 chairs..............sound cool??? I just need some art work, tie this all together.............I am hoping Scott can help me with that! Ok...had to pop on here and share........I will get photos as soon as I get it all pulled together!!


I asked my mother to check on my kids while I was away, she called me last night to tell me that she had made them Macaroni and cheese (homemade, their favorite meal) and dropped it off at the house, while she was there an Interior Designer came. David hired an interior designer to redecorate the entire house for the kids. I laughed so hard.........can you possibly imagine.........I am happy for them........they are going to have an incredibly cool house to live in!

One other thing to tell you about my Apple experience is that it also is my home stereo, since I got an iPod, I also bought Bose speakers so I can plug my iPod in to them and have lovely music all through the apartment. So really folks, I did good :o)

I have so much to accomplish this month and I will feel much more settled if I can get this apartment settled. Hmmm....I wonder if David would hire an interior designer for me......hee hee. Peace out my friends.........may you live your life with ease today.

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Ruh Roh!

I don't have a sofa, but I do have a brand new iMac! YIKES! I went to the apple store just happened...LMAO. I saved $300 on the spot with my UofM discount and have $300 in mail in rebates, so I feel I did well. They also were great about not overselling me (ie, told me to get the office software from school it is nearly free). I am haven't gotten everything hooked up yet, but wanted to pop on here and say hello and tell you what I did...hee hee.......more later.....peace........

Sensory Overload

My goodness!! 8 days of silence and then I went to Haight and Ashbury in downtown San Francisco before coming about sensory overload..........THEN........I arrive home......after taking the red eye, take a shower and decide to go to IKEA (I am tired of sitting on the floor).........People.....Saturday at IKEA is NOT the place to go after you have been in 8 days of silence, EVEN with the Haight and Ashbury experience under my belt(and been awake for 36 hours) People are so insensitive, and inconsiderate of other peoples feelings. Needless to say, I did not come back with furniture.........only extreme irritation. I went to bed after that. I am cleaning the apartment today and doing some organization.....then off to the laundromat and grocery store. I start a cleanse tomorrow and need to get items to prepare me for that, and I will probably stop at artvans to see what they have and run into the APPLE store to see if I want to get an IMac (I want to so badly) and of course an Ipod. Anyway.....I am home.....a little bit out of sync.....but I am sure I will catch up. The details of my retreat will not be posted here........I am happy to share with those who truly wish to just seems a bit sacred to post here. I hope that the rest of your weekend goes with ease.................peace out!