Sunday, August 19, 2007

No studio time!

Yesterday was slightly bizarre. I was suppose to meet up with someone that lives here in A2, I have consistantly gotten mixed signals from this person, so when my email asking for clarification on the location of the meeting wasn't returned, I assumed he changed his mind. He called me about an hour after we were suppose to meet and there was a miscommunication. So I agreed to meet him in about an hour. So we met. (He seems like a fun sort, has a wicked sense of humor, and was actually handsome), however I got the distinct impression from him that he didn't think so fondly of me. We walked through the farmers market for about 30 minutes, then he had a business phone call that he was going to have to take, and poof, there I was standing on the other end of the farmers market, not quite sure where the hell I was and realizing....well shit.....what the hell just happened? (Besides the fact that he wanted to get as far away from me as possible as fast as possible). His parting comment was, "we will have to keep in touch from time to time to share our stories of single life". Yeah, that pretty much are not even close to what I am looking for..........see ya! The thing that is sad to me is, I know that the body armor that I have acquired over the last 2 years is a turn off.......but damn......what is underneath the body armor is truly beautiful. I just hope I can shed the body armor before my face gets too old...........every friggin breath I take makes me less marketable........that really sucks. Especailly when men can be grey haired, potbellied and be considered "distinguished". I know that I am not in a position to be looking for a relationship.........someone could be pretty lucky to get this find out that they really got a superb diamond! Anyway.....all of that aside I then ran a few errands and took the packages back to my car in the parking garage and had a debate with myself about what to do, when I decided to walk back dowtown for a bit, have some lunch and enjoy my I was crossing the street, at the stop light was this car, suddenly this cute girl hangs her head out and starts saying......KATIIEEEEEEEE.......I look and it is Emily, my youngest son's girlfriend. I ran up to her car and gave her a kiss and asked what she was doing in A2......she said, "GET IN". So I hopped in the car to hear her story of woe. So we parked and had lunch at a sidewalk cafe while she told me how she was meeting a friend, the friend didn't answer her phone and now Emily's phone is dead. I had her call her friend with my cell phone and give her my number. Then we went shopping and I bought her a new dress and a very cute pair of jeans. (I got to be "Momma" for a bit!) We had a great time. She is a wonderful girl, and it was great for me to spend time with someone! Her friend called and I walked her to the location where she was to meet her, and all was well again. I came home and spent the rest of the evening painting! I am VERY excited about the painting thing. Now, today.....I will probably paint some more........but I seriously need to finish the homework for the San Francisco is all due tomorrow..........oye!!! I do need to run to the grocery store.....other than that....on this rainy Sunday.........I am snuggling in........I do hope that you all are having a wonderful weekend........Peace Out!

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