Friday, August 17, 2007

In Triple Ripple!

Yesterday was a great day. I enjoyed going to the office, it was amazing how much I actually accomplished when there were no issues to interupt me. I stopped by the hospital and was able to catch the CEO. It was great to talk to him a bit and see some of the people around there. I missed catching my boss, however I did see her when Chrystal and I went for a walk. The kids actually have done well with the house, the new interior designer did a nice job, it looks very classy. I did some laundry for them, cleaned the bathrooms and collected the garbage, cleaned out the fridge and bought groceries for them. Basically, I got to be Momma again for a few hours. Chrystal has lots of issues going on right now, so most of the conversation was with her. We got up early to go to the gym, then ended up sitting and talking, but we promised each other that we would both work out later tonight. I was missing a lot of clothes and I was racking my brain trying to think of where they could be, almost an entire wardrobe in the size smaller than I am right now and I know I am going to need them as I start to lose weight.....Chrystal said in her extra closet I left a bunch of clothes, sure enough..........there they all I loaded those into my car! (Some of my favorite things, I can't wait to fit into them again!, and then to have them be TOO big for me as I lose out of them) I also grabbed the Kirby vacuum so I can take it to the Kirby outlet in Kazoo and see how much cash I can get for it. I also need an oil change at the Toyota dealer, so will be stopping by there this afternoon. Well....I see I am back to my old ways of giving out my to do list on my blog. Sorry folks!! I am serious though, I really need to melt glass this weekend, it has been way too long and I so need to use my creative brain. Did I mention I am thinking of buying some blank canvas and painting my own living room art? Yes, I do have one blank one that is my practice canvas, I have painted it over many times, so I may see if I can come up with something that I like, then....if I think it is possible, my idea is to buy 4 large canvass' and make ONE painting out of the 4 (you know, like if they were one canvas, but then when you pull them apart, they are each a work of art alone) I think it would be very cool to have my own art hanging......but you know how artists are....most critical of our own we shall see. Wow...I am long winded today! I have enjoyed being back home ..........and I will enjoy going back to A2 as well. Peace out!

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ellen said...

I like the idea of the 4 canvases together for one really big, really cool picture. I believe you're up to it, chica!