Monday, August 13, 2007


Finally, I can sit on something comfortable in my living room! Yeah! The furniture was delivered this morning. I am liking it. Pictures soon, I promise! (Battery on the camera is dead). I am working on some of the work I need to accomplish for the SF Training today. Tomorrow is my day to run a few errands and then melt glass all day downtown in Ann Arbor! I am excited!! I have not melted glass in forever! Wednesday I will be doing a day long training for hospice volunteers, after which I will go collect my beads that I made on Tuesday. Thursday and Friday are work days back at the old stomping grounds. Thursday night I will make dinner for the kids and hang out with them. I have not decided yet if I will hang around on Friday night nor not. At the rate I am accomplishing things for the SF training, I will need to come home and work on that next weekend. Anyway....those are my plans for the week. I told you all that I joined weight watchers........I don't think I told you all that I have been walking 2 hours per day........yes.....2 hours! 1 hour in the morning and 1 hour in the evening. I figured that I have the time, and it is free...soooo....I am hitting it hard. I hope you are each living your life with ease............peace out!

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