Wednesday, August 29, 2007


I am sick.....been so all week.....I finally went to the student clinic today. Trust me, I had to feel pretty badly to go onto campus during undergraduate move in to a clinic that I have never been to before and have no idea how it works. It really sucked the big one! I have an Rx for antibiotics that I can't fill unless I am still sick on Friday. WTF? So they wish me to be miserable for 2 more days before I can feel better? Holy Hell! As a nurse, I understand the concept, they don't want me to take an antibiotic for a viral infection and they are saving me a trip back there, just to get an RX if I am not better by Friday. I appreciate that, however I did present with a fever.....that was gone by the time I was seen (2 hours later, because I took advil before I got there).........anyway........I don't like to be sick, I don't want to be sick, and if I am still sick tomorrow....I AM filling the RX. Ok......back to bed for me......peace out

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