Thursday, August 16, 2007


When I had my tarot read at the art fair......she was very impressed with my reading, saying that she rarely has one that is so full of happiness and was a great reading....but the one thing that she did say was that all of this happiness and joy is going to cause me some insomnia........she was correct about that! Here I sit at 0230...wide awake.........I am about to hop in the shower! My alarm was set for 0500 because I want to get to TR as early as possible. (Time is money today). I came here instead, hoping I could bore myself back to sleep....LMAO! It is sort of working, I feel tired again!! I am going to lunch with my father and then cooking dinner for the kids and hanging out with them tonight. Oh yeah, I weighed in at WW yesterday morning and I lost almost 11 pounds in the first week...LMAO. I did good ;o) It helps that I have been walking almost 2 hours every day! Of course the first week is lots of water weight, but it still is a good feeling! Now it will slow down to a few pounds each week....but when you add them all together...........then I will be a svelt new ME in about a year! That is my goal at put on a bathing suit and go to my pool next summer! (looking very hot!) (Ok, as hot as a 47 year old can look...LMAO) Ok....I think I might try laying down again.......a few hours more sleep would be beneficial since I am sure my kids will keep me up late talking................peace out!


Scott said...

Hope Triple Creek is treating you well...and that you're able to stay awake most of the day. ;-)

I'm off to plant mums this afternoon. Mom loved them and I'm adding to the hedge she started a few years ago.

Katie said...

I forgot to tell you that a friend of mine from the SF training gave me some of her mom's ashes and I am making a few beads for her and her brother, this will be good for you to see what I can do with ashes! I will be sure to at least get photos of them, if I don't see you before I give them to her.