Sunday, August 26, 2007

Ramping it up

I am working to finish the San Francisco training, get things rolling for this doctorate program and get my apartment settled. I finally was given the word on my funding for THIS semester. I will have to take the loan, but I won't have to work full time. I should be able to do consulting work for Three Rivers and that is it. I am releived because I really need to do well this semester. A Full time job would dramatically effect that. I am considering a retail job for the heck of it.....but don't count on it just yet. (I love Macy's and employees get a great couldn't be too bad of a job!) I am awaiting the arrival of my 2 oldest children and a friend of theirs. They are stopping by here for dinner. It should be great fun. Don't expect much from me tomorrow as I will be going to Three Rivers for the day. (Leaving at 0600) working, then having a birthday dinner for my middle son. After that, I will drive back to A2 because Tuesday is my only day left before the insanity begins. Peace out!

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Scott said...

Nothing like waiting until the last minute to get the funding settled! I was crapping my pants with you! ;-)

If you do end up doing some retail, Macy*s works for us.....but if you change your mind, you better run it by us first. It ain't gonna do us no good to have you working at Talbots or Chicos. LOL