Friday, August 31, 2007


I have been awake since 0200. I have managed to accomplish a few things that I have been procrastinating on. Hopefully this afternoon and evening I can finish up on the rest of those items. Tomorrow is the first home game. I am a bit excited about this. The game itself won't be much of a challenge, but the entire experience is going to be something pretty cool. I am in the student section, so that is going to be interesting to see how that will be. I also want to get there early enough to watch the band march in. When Chrystal was in High school, she played in the band and I loved watching the band march to the football field, it is very ritualistic. Something for me to look forward to anyway! Time to hop in the shower........I am hoping that this will make me feel human again.......I have the Rackham graduate school orientation this morning....after which I will meet with the School of Nursing's Dean of the doctoral program. Hopefull my questions will be answered. Then....I am quite sure that I will be exhausted. I need to buy a few groceries though, laundry I will save until the weekend. I think Ben and Emily are coming up Saturday after the game to hang with me until Sunday. Next week is going to be a bit intense and I leave for San Fran again next Thursday. That will be my last trip out there!! It is a HUGE graduation ceremony and some sad goodbyes to some very special people (and some not so special...LOL). Ok.....shower time........although my bed sounds pretty good right now......

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