Monday, September 29, 2008 a good way.....

Busy that is! I at least feel on top of things (sort of). I am by far busier this term than any other term, however I am much more on top of things. This of course is a good thing. I apologize for not updating much here, I simply am not on the computer much! Most of my work at the moment is reading and thinking (Loads of it).

The apartment is finally nearly normal. The kitchen cupboards need a bit of reorganization, otherwise, things are just how they should be, and clean to boot! I must say that feels good!

Things with Dave remain very good. Actually better than very good. I really enjoy having him in my life, it is as if he should have always been there.

That is all the time I have to update you folks, aside from the fact that Michigan won BIG on Saturday. It was a heartbreaker the entire first half, and then something sparked and those boys came alive to give us fans a win that we will never forget! GO BLUE!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Holy Crap!

How can a week have gone by since I posted on here? The good news is that the yard sale is OVER! We made some cash and what didn't sell, we left at the curb or took to the local thrift shop. I do have a bunch of OLD magazines left over that are in my car and I need to drop them off at the library. I spent the day finishing up some homework for tomorrow and organizing some things around here. Trying to pull it all together. It is going to take some time before it is perfect, but at least what I can see, is back in order. (Drawers and closets need to be re-organized and a thorough deep clean is needed) But at least there are not boxes and crap stacked up in every single room, preventing drawers and closets from opening. It was insanity, and now, it is OVER! The best thing is that the spare bedroom was going to be "the boys room" a space for Dave to go and get away (from me I and as soon as he set it up, he said, this is going to be the study, a place for YOU (me) to be able to study. I thought that was sweet and didn't think much more about it, until during this hideous time that the apartment was crammed with the yard sale stuff and all of my books and journals (etc) were all over the living room, did I realize that I NEED a study room. So today I organized all of my stuff and set it up in the "study" and I am sooooo excited about it! I think that my study habits will improve with this space.

(Did you notice that LONG run on sentence in the above paragraph? I am leaving it, just for the hell of it!)

I am very excited about making plans with Big and Little to have dinner together soon!

Just so you know, my days are becoming filled to the brim, my work load is beyond reasonable. It is good in some ways, and not so good. I know that I need to set aside ONE day that I don't schedule meetings or appointments and am able to spend the entire day working on homework. It is more difficult for me to break up my day with "stuff" and then get back in the swing afterwards. This too shall pass!

Sunday, September 14, 2008


I really am excited about this term. There are some good things happening, more things are coming together, although I am busy, I am busy in a good way.....a way that is making progress. My entire first year I felt as if I was spinning my wheels, I finally feel like a doctoral student and that is a good thing.

I have been so wrapped up in everything that I have moved away from my "meditation" . Dave was rearranging some books (I am a total book whore and he hasn't even seen the half of it, before he moved in I sold a ton of books on amazon AND I packed a ton books up for the yard sale, and I STILL have 4 bookshelves full of books!) Anyway, he was rearranging some books and he asked about all of my buddhist books and inquired what I got out of them. My reply was swift, they helped me to be centered and be more conscious of being "present" with my life. As I said that, I realized how much I have moved away from it. That actually being present with each moment has been pushed aside in order to "get through" this degree. In actuality that will help me to "get through" this degree! So I am training my brain to be more present each moment and enjoy what my life is at this stage. It will be over soon enough and I will move on to something even more exciting!

Now, I need to prepare a presentation on the Presidency of the United States (sounds as if I am getting a poly sci degree!) I have a class that is about health policy and it is hugely political. It is actually very interesting. My goal is to be able to affect change at a policy level for those who are dying, thus the policy class!

BTW...less than a week before the "yard sale" and I can not WAIT to have that behind us!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Go BLUE.......*sigh*

Well, Michigan Lost to Notre Lame today :o( The reason we lost is because we turned the ball over 6 times (READ SIX FREAKING TIMES!!!!) We do look better with each game that we play, it is going to be a painful season though! Here is a photo of our cat, laying on a Michigan Pom Pom after the game, I think it shows just how Michigan Fans feel today!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

I miss this.....

I miss putting down my thoughts here. School of course is overly demanding (in some good ways). I have had a bit of the flu bug today, but there was no time to lay in bed (which is exactly what I wanted to do) I had meetings to attend that could not be missed, so as a true trooper, I just made sure I kept close to the bathroom and marched on!

Tonight I should be doing homework, however I think that I will lay in bed and simply read some of the mounds of articles and chapters in books that I need to read and relax a bit.

I have been successfully been narrowing my research down from Spirituality at the end of life to, what is the "meaning" at the end of life. Which more closely resembles what my goal is. My goal is to affect change in acute care settings for those who are dying. Spirituality seemed to be key, however that leaves so much room for interpretation to Religion and that is not what I am talking about, I am talking about helping dying people find the meaning in their life as they move on to the next life.

I am having some issues with my advisor, namely SHE IS DRIVING ME INSANE! The more I talk to other professors, I realize that some how we are not connecting. I am her first PhD student to mentor and I hate to be a black mark on her record, however I also can't take the risk that I don't get my PhD because she is not the right match for me. I have a class this term that matches you with a mentor for the class. I met with my mentor today and it really hit me as after we talked for 40 minutes I had more direction to my dissertation than I had received all year with my advisor. After a few meetings with this mentor, I will broach the subject with her and see what she has to say about the situation.

That about sums it up folks! Dave remains the love of my life :o) Peace Out!

Sunday, September 07, 2008


I am working to get everything organized. This semester is going to be VERY full! In many ways this will be good for me. I do better under pressure. ( typically).

The good news is that Michigan won yesterday. This team is very young and the offense looks like a high school team. My hope was to win at least 6 games and get a bowl berth, so that we don't lose our bowl streak (something like 33 years in a bowl game) after watching the first 2 games, I am very concerned that we might not make a bowl berth this year. The chances that we will be ready to be on top of the game next year are slim as well. It will likely take 3 years total before Michigan is back to a power house team. :o(

Ok, back to the work that must be accomplished today! Peace out!

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Oh My!

I am buried in this apartment. If we survive this, it will be a miracle. It is causing lots of tension as we walk through the maze of CRAP! We finally got smart and decided that the large furniture items that we want to sell can go to the consignment shop (and the pick up!) So Saturday while I am at the game (hoping to see the Wolverines WIN) Dave will be here getting this big stuff out of here. I would take a photo for you to see, but it is too depressing. (seriously). I am what you might call a minimalist and enjoy SPACE that is pristine clean (ok, so I am OCD as well) this is the farthest thing from what my comfort zone likes and there is little hope that it is going to be any different until after the yard sale, which is 2.5 weeks away. We are getting there and we will make it!

Now, on to all things PhD. I have been asked to serve on a nursing committee for the school of nursing (very nice honor), I am continuing my research position and just today was asked to be the GSI (graduate student intern) for a class I took last fall. I love the professor and the class is on nursing theory, which is really interesting to me so I am excited about this. Of course I still have 3 classes of my own as well as my Pre Dissertation which needs to be completed by December AND the NRSA Grant that is due in December. Oh, I am also the liaison to the incoming class of PhD students. All of this to say......I am going to be busy beyond belief. Of course I have this new relationship (he is also very busy) and getting the apartment settled. Life is full my friends, very full. I don't expect it to be any different, and I am hoping that this year goes much better than the first year. All signs point to the fact that I am looked upon favorably by the School of Nursing with the appointments and that gives me a boost, now it is up to me to show that they were not wrong in appointing me to these positions. I can do it! (right????? :P)

Peace out!