Sunday, September 14, 2008


I really am excited about this term. There are some good things happening, more things are coming together, although I am busy, I am busy in a good way.....a way that is making progress. My entire first year I felt as if I was spinning my wheels, I finally feel like a doctoral student and that is a good thing.

I have been so wrapped up in everything that I have moved away from my "meditation" . Dave was rearranging some books (I am a total book whore and he hasn't even seen the half of it, before he moved in I sold a ton of books on amazon AND I packed a ton books up for the yard sale, and I STILL have 4 bookshelves full of books!) Anyway, he was rearranging some books and he asked about all of my buddhist books and inquired what I got out of them. My reply was swift, they helped me to be centered and be more conscious of being "present" with my life. As I said that, I realized how much I have moved away from it. That actually being present with each moment has been pushed aside in order to "get through" this degree. In actuality that will help me to "get through" this degree! So I am training my brain to be more present each moment and enjoy what my life is at this stage. It will be over soon enough and I will move on to something even more exciting!

Now, I need to prepare a presentation on the Presidency of the United States (sounds as if I am getting a poly sci degree!) I have a class that is about health policy and it is hugely political. It is actually very interesting. My goal is to be able to affect change at a policy level for those who are dying, thus the policy class!

BTW...less than a week before the "yard sale" and I can not WAIT to have that behind us!

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