Monday, September 29, 2008 a good way.....

Busy that is! I at least feel on top of things (sort of). I am by far busier this term than any other term, however I am much more on top of things. This of course is a good thing. I apologize for not updating much here, I simply am not on the computer much! Most of my work at the moment is reading and thinking (Loads of it).

The apartment is finally nearly normal. The kitchen cupboards need a bit of reorganization, otherwise, things are just how they should be, and clean to boot! I must say that feels good!

Things with Dave remain very good. Actually better than very good. I really enjoy having him in my life, it is as if he should have always been there.

That is all the time I have to update you folks, aside from the fact that Michigan won BIG on Saturday. It was a heartbreaker the entire first half, and then something sparked and those boys came alive to give us fans a win that we will never forget! GO BLUE!

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