Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Oh My!

I am buried in this apartment. If we survive this, it will be a miracle. It is causing lots of tension as we walk through the maze of CRAP! We finally got smart and decided that the large furniture items that we want to sell can go to the consignment shop (and the pick up!) So Saturday while I am at the game (hoping to see the Wolverines WIN) Dave will be here getting this big stuff out of here. I would take a photo for you to see, but it is too depressing. (seriously). I am what you might call a minimalist and enjoy SPACE that is pristine clean (ok, so I am OCD as well) this is the farthest thing from what my comfort zone likes and there is little hope that it is going to be any different until after the yard sale, which is 2.5 weeks away. We are getting there and we will make it!

Now, on to all things PhD. I have been asked to serve on a nursing committee for the school of nursing (very nice honor), I am continuing my research position and just today was asked to be the GSI (graduate student intern) for a class I took last fall. I love the professor and the class is on nursing theory, which is really interesting to me so I am excited about this. Of course I still have 3 classes of my own as well as my Pre Dissertation which needs to be completed by December AND the NRSA Grant that is due in December. Oh, I am also the liaison to the incoming class of PhD students. All of this to say......I am going to be busy beyond belief. Of course I have this new relationship (he is also very busy) and getting the apartment settled. Life is full my friends, very full. I don't expect it to be any different, and I am hoping that this year goes much better than the first year. All signs point to the fact that I am looked upon favorably by the School of Nursing with the appointments and that gives me a boost, now it is up to me to show that they were not wrong in appointing me to these positions. I can do it! (right????? :P)

Peace out!


ellen said...

Are you stuck with that date for the garage sale? Why can't you do it earlier before one of you has to die a slow, ugly death?

Catie said...

I wish! My apartment complex does not allow us to have our "own" yard sale. They have a community day (we run our own table and keep the proceeds) but we must do it on the day that they planned, which is September 20th. They only good thing about that date is that Michigan Football has a bye that weekend and do not play at home or away, so we won't miss a game!

All things considered, we should survive it, we are very considerate of each other and try not to take out our frustrations on each other!

Anonymous said...

Big Here... You can do this. I will cheering you on in my cheer leading outfit. Miss ya