Saturday, August 30, 2008

GO BLUE!!!!!!

Today is the first Michigan Football game. I am SOOOOO excited! I want to be down there early, I want to watch the band march the team into the locker room! My Michigan flag is hanging in the window, my pom poms are ready to go! Dave is a huge Michigan fan as well, he doesn't like to watch them from the stands, he prefers to watch on TV. No one has any idea what to expect from this new Michigan Era, I have a good feeling about it, although Utah is a worthy oppenent! Vegas has Michigan winning by 3.5 points and Vegas is pretty good at predicting.

On another note, the yard sale is only 3 weeks away, I can not tell you just how much I can not wait for this to happen. The piles of shit that are laying around this apartment are about to drive me insane! It makes Dave a bit nuts too and it creates a bit of tension for both of us. We are doing fine with it, but both of us are counting down the days until this will ALL be gone!!!!

School is ramping up in a very quick way, my schedule is getting very full very quickly. It is going to be a VERY busy term. I have a committee appointment as well as being a liaison to the incoming PhD class. My goal of course is to stay ahead of everything. It has to be better than my first year!

Ok, I need to go get ready for the game! Peace out and GO BLUE!

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