Thursday, August 07, 2008

Shout Out!

Giving you all a shout out! I can not believe that it is Thursday already! I have a feeling that this month is going to fly by! I am knee deep in writing my research proposal. I have a few irons in the fire this month, aside from getting Dave moved in. His work revolves a bit around Eastern Michigan University's school schedule and that is going to ramp up here in the next few weeks and he is going to be busting busy. He also just told me that "move in day" for the freshman is August 30th (which happens to be the first Michigan football game) I say all of that in order to say that this weekend is going to be the last weekend for us to get a lot done at his old apartment. The things that we have to sell at a garage sale is multiplying exponentially! Once we have the garage sale, things will be much easier to get settled. (We are not having the garage sale until September, mainly because that is when my apartment complex is having it).

Everything is going very well here with him here. We are really enjoying each other's company. It truly amazes me, but I am not complaining a bit!

Little called the other night and BAM........I have tickets to see Wicked!!!!!!!!! I am very excited about that! I am assuming it is in Detroit, in December. Cool huh? It is going to ROCK!

Ok......back to work......peace out!

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Little said...

Cool, huh?

I sent a text when the purchase cleared.

Saturday December 20th. 8:00 pm
Detroit Opera House.
Seated in the Trustees Circle.
Still planning dinner before. It's gonna be a dressed up grown-up night!