Monday, August 04, 2008


Well, Dave is officially moved in. (For all intensive purposes) He still has things at his place and we have the rest of this month to get everything moved over and settled. It has made our lives more settled (and slightly unsettled as my apartment is in transition). It is really nice to have him here. August is our month to get settled and by the time September rolls around his work schedule is going to go bonkers and my school schedule will follow suit, so this is nice to have this time to adjust and get settled. I have plenty to keep me busy with research, paper writing and grant writing, along side the "nesting". I really wondered how I would do sharing my space with someone (given my 2 disasters with roommates) however, I think when you love someone it is much different and this (so far) has been a wonderfully pleasant experience (with the exception of his cat jumping off the balcony into a tree (small tree) without our knowledge, until about 4am when we heard him screaming, then of course a HUGE drama ensued in getting the damn cat down from the tree!)

I am certified as OCD according to Dave. I am a "neat freak" and he is basically as well, I just am a bit more OCD about it than he is. He is (and has been) very good about picking up after himself and cleaning. He cooks more than I do (and he prefers to). Sharing the "chores" hasn't been an issue. It is interesting to me as it has been 20 years since I "took care" of a man and this just feels completely natural. I opened up the closet and saw all of his shirts hanging and I said "omg, there is a boy living here!" :o)

I had the flu at the end of last week (I think I mentioned I wasn't feeling well) my guess is some sort of flu bug. I feel much better now!

We are planning to have a dinner party sometime in September, sort of a "house warming" type thing for our friends to meet the other. I will provide details as it becomes more solid. (expect late September as the garage sale will need to be finished by then (oye the things we have to sell!!)


Little said...

YAY! I love a reason to drink with you!

Catie said...

Dave keeps telling me to call you guys and have you come out, you don't have to wait until the "party"!!! :o)

Kath said...

Congrats at being brave enough to take this step!

All the best!