Monday, August 18, 2008

2 weeks!

Holy cow, I only have 2 weeks left before the fall term begins! I do know that my schedule is going to be crappy on Mondays. My classes meet on Mondays only. I will be in class from 1pm until 9pm every single Monday. (oh that is going to hurt!) One of my classes only meets twice and I am not sure what those days are yet, but I can tell you that I will be singing the Monday blues all term! Dave has already agreed to pick me up from class each Monday night so I don't have to pay for 8 hours + of parking each week. I will take the bus in each Monday then he will pick me up (which will be very nice). He is going to take a class this fall as well to finish up something that he is working on.

I am editing my Yale paper for publication this week, as well as working on writing a grant. I also have my research and research project that remains on my plate. I didn't really get a "summer break", although I haven't had it too rough the last month. I also am the mentor for the incoming PhD students who are going bachelor degree to PhD. That was my big complaint about the program after my first year and I feel that there needs to be student mentoring for this group of students because it is extremely challenging. That will take up some of my time, however I am thrilled to be able to help the incoming class.

I have nothing of real interest to share beyond that (and yes, I realize that is not I hope that you are all doing well. Peace out!

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