Friday, August 22, 2008

Having a life......

Now that I have Dave here, my time on the computer seems to be dwindling. I swear when I lived here alone, my computer was always on and I was checking it, surfing the web, etc. OFTEN! It isn't that he "keeps" me from it, in the sense that he is "controlling" me, it is just that we have so much fun together I don't even think about the computer. We sat on the deck for hours tonight, talking and just enjoying each others company, not once did I think about the computer! Now I am unable to fall asleep so rather than keep him awake, I got up and am surfing around a bit and I realized that it was Monday that I last posted here! So, having a life means that I don't have as much time to talk about my life...... :o)

Not that anyone is missing that , after all, I don't lead a terribly exciting life. I can tell you that this apartment is beyond a disaster zone. Aside from the garage sale things, we also have items that we are incorporating into the apartment, but are unable to due to the space being taken up by the garage sale items, so these items are stacked up in the living room (and the study, AND the ebay stuff is stacked up in the bedroom!) On top of all of that, there was some leak in the kitchen plumbing, which maintenance had to come and cut a hole in the wall to fix, now the hole is being fixed (and won't be finished until Monday) so the microwave is displaced as well as the microwave stand......and all of the items that I keep under the sink are sitting around in the kitchen..........a very uncomfortable situation which won't be resolved until after Sept 20th (the day of the garage sale) Oh, AND we still have things at Dave's old apartment that need to be brought over.........*sigh*

One more month, than this place will be much more comfortable. Until then, my OCD is having to take a back seat and relax a bit, there is no fretting over it, it is what it is, and it will get better eventually.

Dave is having a party (here!@!!@) for his employees on Tuesday........I will be going to TR for a few days......I have no desire to hang out with the boys from work and I have NO desire to have company when things look like they I am busting out of here and going home for a few days. (I think Dave is glad for that as I would be a big party pooper, I am pretty sure of that. It will also give him a day or two to clean up before I get home......Not a bad plan!

I suppose that is enough blabbing for one night! I think I am beginning to get tired now! (I bore myself!!!! hee hee)

I hope your weekend is great......Peace out!

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ellen said...

Don't feel guilty about ignoring us. As long as it's for a good reason.
I'm glad you're happy - you deserve it.