Sunday, September 21, 2008

Holy Crap!

How can a week have gone by since I posted on here? The good news is that the yard sale is OVER! We made some cash and what didn't sell, we left at the curb or took to the local thrift shop. I do have a bunch of OLD magazines left over that are in my car and I need to drop them off at the library. I spent the day finishing up some homework for tomorrow and organizing some things around here. Trying to pull it all together. It is going to take some time before it is perfect, but at least what I can see, is back in order. (Drawers and closets need to be re-organized and a thorough deep clean is needed) But at least there are not boxes and crap stacked up in every single room, preventing drawers and closets from opening. It was insanity, and now, it is OVER! The best thing is that the spare bedroom was going to be "the boys room" a space for Dave to go and get away (from me I and as soon as he set it up, he said, this is going to be the study, a place for YOU (me) to be able to study. I thought that was sweet and didn't think much more about it, until during this hideous time that the apartment was crammed with the yard sale stuff and all of my books and journals (etc) were all over the living room, did I realize that I NEED a study room. So today I organized all of my stuff and set it up in the "study" and I am sooooo excited about it! I think that my study habits will improve with this space.

(Did you notice that LONG run on sentence in the above paragraph? I am leaving it, just for the hell of it!)

I am very excited about making plans with Big and Little to have dinner together soon!

Just so you know, my days are becoming filled to the brim, my work load is beyond reasonable. It is good in some ways, and not so good. I know that I need to set aside ONE day that I don't schedule meetings or appointments and am able to spend the entire day working on homework. It is more difficult for me to break up my day with "stuff" and then get back in the swing afterwards. This too shall pass!

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ellen said...

Even I'm relieved that the garage sale is over! Clutter can only go on so long (like taking old paper off the walls and painting a new color) before it drives me completely insane.
Scheduling that one day for specific duties (homework) is a great idea.