Sunday, August 05, 2007

Sensory Overload

My goodness!! 8 days of silence and then I went to Haight and Ashbury in downtown San Francisco before coming about sensory overload..........THEN........I arrive home......after taking the red eye, take a shower and decide to go to IKEA (I am tired of sitting on the floor).........People.....Saturday at IKEA is NOT the place to go after you have been in 8 days of silence, EVEN with the Haight and Ashbury experience under my belt(and been awake for 36 hours) People are so insensitive, and inconsiderate of other peoples feelings. Needless to say, I did not come back with furniture.........only extreme irritation. I went to bed after that. I am cleaning the apartment today and doing some organization.....then off to the laundromat and grocery store. I start a cleanse tomorrow and need to get items to prepare me for that, and I will probably stop at artvans to see what they have and run into the APPLE store to see if I want to get an IMac (I want to so badly) and of course an Ipod. Anyway.....I am home.....a little bit out of sync.....but I am sure I will catch up. The details of my retreat will not be posted here........I am happy to share with those who truly wish to just seems a bit sacred to post here. I hope that the rest of your weekend goes with ease.................peace out!

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Scott said...

I'm just happy that I get to hear about your trip in person! ;-)

I'm off Thursday next week and then off everyday after Friday. ;-) hehehe

Welcome Home! Oh....and if you can't take Ikea on Saturday, don't even THINK about going to Costco. lol