Wednesday, July 25, 2007

On my way...............

to 8 days of silence. I spent some time this week preparing for this retreat. I also of course needed to have things in order here as well. I still have some ironing to do and finish packing, otherwise my work here is complete. My funds will be available to be after Friday, so when I return I can finish setting up my apartment. In some ways this worked out nice, as this complex will paint one accent wall in any color you wish, so while I am gone for 10 days, and I have no furniture in my living room, I was sure to stop by the management office to let them know what color I want, and what wall I wish to have painted. I MAY take my laptop which means that it IS possible that I could update once or twice....but don't count on it! If not.........I will fill you in upon my return on August 4th. Peace Out!!

1 comment:

ellen said...

Wait just a darned second! You're painting a wall but you haven't told us (me) the color. What's up with that??????????
Have a safe trip.