Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Two Days!

What is it that Robin used to say? (Of Batman and Robin)....Holy something.....hmmm.

Anyway....Holy smokes! 2 days left in this little burg of Three Rivers. I looked at the US Census....Three Rivers is about 8,000 people big.....of course that doesn't count the townships surrounding TR which is a pretty good population...but still........Ann Arbor is over 100K in people....and of course that does not count the surrounding outlying areas for them either. So you see I literally am moving to a town that is 10 times bigger than where I was born and raised! The other day when I was there, traffic was horrific.....and it is SUMMER.....just wait until school starts in the fall!!! I KNOW one thing for certain, I will be studying the map of A2 and finding alternate routes (rather than the main drags) I have already found the back way to my place from I94 and also the back way to Whole Foods.....which trust me, made my life so much easier, than hitting those major intersections that have traffic backed up and the long traffic lights.

Oh and.....what the heck??!!! I put up a poll and not ONE of you vote...NOT ONE....the ONE vote that is there, is MY vote...LMAO! Well...when you see me with a tattoo....I don't want to hear one damn word from any of you did not give your opinion!

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Scott said...

I don't think Robin said the same thing each time. It was Holy *something* having to due with what was going on...

During shark attack "Holy Sardine, Batman"

When the Penguin shows up "Holy costume party, Batman"

Oh....and I totally would have voted for "GO BIG OR GO HOME" but I guess I overlooked it. I swear it wasn't there when I read the options. I didn't like any of them, that's why I left the comment instead. ;-)