Saturday, July 07, 2007


I am on my way to the family gathering.....but first........a poll!

My kids want us to get a family tattoo.....this coming weekend when they are moving me to A2, something that "binds" us together......should I do it???

Should I get a tattoo?
No way In hell!
Yes, but it must be small and only visible to an intimate life partner.
No, not right now, think about it a little longer.
Yes.....go big or go home!
Yes, something small and classy. free polls


Ron said...

if you all get a tattoo, here is what it should say:


Scott said...

LOL....I love how all the options for getting one state "small".

I think you guys SHOULD get one....but you need to put some thought into it as well. may want to have a design and call ahead. If four of you walk into the studio at once, there may not be time for all of you.

Katie said... one is voting...what the hell? LOL. We are putting thought into it. Chrystal is designing them and tomorrow when I go to sign the lease, we are checking out one of the tattoo parlors that have good ratings and if we like what we see, we are going to schedule it with them. AND....SCOTT....I do have an option that says....GO BIG OR GO HOME! (In fact that is what I voted for..LMAO)