Saturday, July 07, 2007

Let the games begin!

I am jobless...........LMAO...I keep saying that......I think it sounds so funny. Of course I have many marketable skills, so if the going gets tough....or the funding is crummy.....I have lots of things I can do to earn money......(aside from selling my body...LMAO!) Today my family is having a party for me and tomorrow the office is having a party for me. I am honored that they all would do this, and even more honored that people are actually planning on coming...LMAO! I am cleaning the house up today. At the end of next week it will be the extra bedroom and front porch that I need to clean after load up the stuff from both of those spaces, I don't want to have to clean I am cleaning everything else this weekend. I am basically packed....just a few things that I use everyday that will need to get packed up. I hope the weekend for you is going well.....Peace~~~~

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