Saturday, July 07, 2007

One down, one to go..........

The family party went well. We had a lot of fun acutally. My brother has a pool table and we all played, it was really fun. My middle brother (the one with the pool table) is a HUGE MICHIGAN fan, so he gifted me with a MICHIGAN flag, which I am thrilled to have and will hang out on my balcony on game days. My stepmother (whom I have had a polarized relationship with since I was 10 years old.....made me a scrapbook with photos of my father when he was young, and lots of pics of me when I was young and pics of my kids and all of my family. It is truly special and I love it and will treasure it at my new apartment. It really was very sweet of my family to honor me as they did. Tomorrow are my friends from work and I already know that my hospice chaplain and social worker are planning a ritual for me, for this transition, which I am sure will be special. Tomorrow is a cookout and the families of all of my employees will be there I think it will really be special. This train is moving folks, it will be Friday the 13th before we know it....and then I will have a NEW address!

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Kath said...

Good luck Katie! I know all about starting over. It's frightening but awesome at the same time. Follow your heart and you'll do just fine!

Kath :-)