Sunday, July 08, 2007


I just had a mentoring call with one of the faculty of the EOL training. Part of the training is mentoring calls throughout and prior to the calls, we are suppose to send our journals for them to read. I have resisted this process from the beginning....which really is interesting, especially since I put my VERY personal journal right out in public. This is my dumping ground. I come here and just say it like it is. Later I think things through and come up with a little better thought process, but here is where I lay it out. (and I still have friends! LMAO) Anyway........she read my journal and questioned my worth (basically). She doesn't see how mindfullness has come into my life or how I have changed. It is interesting really because I have lived my entire life in this city and I feel in some ways that I am thought of well and I feel I have importance...etc. The second I started this training in San Francisco, I felt little, unimportant and meaningless. I have pressed into it and I have gleaned some of the most wonderful life changing experiences from it and I truly have transitioned in my life in many ways as a result of this training.....but I do feel like the bastard child in this group of people. I think it is really interesting. There is some part of me that has little feelers that picks up on that somehow and probably creates a bigger issues of it than it needs to be...............but I do find it curious ..........So here I sit after that call, feeling like the bastard child...LMAO! Ok....I am going to go and get ready for a party that I am the featured guest.....and I am NOT the bastard child....may as well enjoy it while it lasts because................I am about to move to a city that is 10 times (literally) bigger than triple creek AND I am NO BODY.......but that is even better than being the bastard child...LMAO I hope you are all enjoying your day!

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