Thursday, July 05, 2007


My Horoscope:

Believe it or not, what you think of as your faults actually make you stronger; what you consider a character weakness lends you a unique perspective. When you learn from them, your 'flaws' help you to grow.

Acutally this was yesterdays horoscope that I did not recieve until today......yesterday I was struggling with my faults........interesting huh? As part of this transition I am in, I am looking at what I wish to leave behind, what I wish to take with me, and what I wish to find a new. This of course is true for the physical components of my life, like furniture, but it is also true of my emotional and spiritual life. It is sometimes difficult with the physical things......I am tempted to get NEW of everything, however I do need to be frugal to some degree and I do think it is good to bring things with me that remind me of periods of my life. The emotional piece of this is far more daunting.........the insecure parts of me truly are afraid that the strong and secure parts of me might dump them on the side of the road on the way to A2. The thing about the parts of our person is that, we never get rid of any of the parts, we simply learn to listen to them, learn from them, comfort them and then they are able to rest silently in peace and let the more centered parts of myself be seen.

My financial crunch has been relieved thanks to good friends. I am so accustomed to being on my own and taking care of myself, it is always this wonderful surprise that someone would extend their hand and help me, just because............very heart warming and inspirational.

One week from tomorrow, I am moving to Ann insane is that? Each day from now until then is full....thank goodness I am basically packed! For a gal who was basically going to take NOTHING with me......I had to rent a UHaul truck to get NOTHING to A2!

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