Wednesday, July 18, 2007

A day.......

I woke up to no appears to be my router (which is brand new)....then....the gal came to buy the furniture (now I have none...LOL) and I helped her drive it to her apartment, when I returned....the electrical outlet that my TV is plugged into, no longer is functional....(the breaker is not off either) is annoying to have things broken.....oh well....The good news is that the desk that was broken is now fixed and I was able to sort through the rest of the boxes. Now I just need to take things down to storage and work on finding photos to put into frames.

Tomorrow I get to hang out with Scott! I am so excited, we are going to the Ann Arbor Art Fair and to have our Tarot read! I am looking forward to visiting with Scott! Ok...time to carry all of this shit down to storage! I hope your day is going well!

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