Monday, July 02, 2007


Jenny and Paul came to visit this weekend and brought with them inspiration for me. Jenny is very creative and talented and made me a beautiful gift with her beads. It really inspired me to get back to my art and I am really grateful for that nudge. I had ordered a book on chinese knots and beads and it arrived today..........I see this working with my prayer beads (which also was inspiration from Jenny) and with bracelets and pendants........all sorts of things! I always love finding ideas that I can use with beads that I love to make, which are larger focal type am anxious to get some cording and see what I can whip up...until the cording arrives, I will practice these knots with other stuff I have laying around here!

Today FLEW by, I just could not believe how quickly time was moving! The hospital had a reception for me, which was so very sweet. I have discovered a huge money crunch that I am heading for, this is giving me a slight reason to will all be fine once my final check is released, but that is going to take 7-10 days from this coming Friday....and....well.....that is slightly too long...LOL. I may need to ask the ex hubby for a short term loan, which goes against every fiber of my being........I have a few days to think if there is any other I am trying to NOT worry about it for now.

I believes that brings you all up to date! Time for beddy bye........Peace, Katie

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