Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Sleepy head!

I swear, I have been sleeping so much lately. I went to bed at 9pm last night (as I did the night before) and I awoke at 0815 this morning...that is over 11 hours of sleep! I also have been taking a 45 minute nap every afternoon! I have never been such a sleepy head! I did go for over an hour walk last night, I have been trying to walk every day. It is interesting that this community is very oriented to physical activity, lots of people out walkikng and riding bikes. The bikers use the sidewalks also (some areas there are bike lanes on the road) as I am walking.....suddenly I am nearly knocked over by this guy going past me on a bike. It scared me to death. So I scream at him "Hollar at me next time to let me know you are passing me for crying out loud!!!" He slammed on his breaks, and looked back for a moment, then when he realized what I was saying, he just kept peddling. he passed me 3 more times after that (why he kept going on the same path, back and forth, I have no clue) but he NEVER passed me like he did the first time! I am going downtown today to get my hair cut and stop at the UofM computer store. I also will be locating the post office. I have lots of things to do to get ready for the San Francisco trip, which is what I will do tonight and tomorrow. I hope you are each having a wonderful day. Peace, Katie

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ellen said...

That guy was definitely not much of a biker. Anyone who knows what the hell he/she is doing will always say "on your left" as they approach.
Good for yelling, chica; too bad he was a numbskull.