Friday, July 20, 2007

One full week

Here I am completing one full week as a resident of Ann Arbor. It has been a good week.

Bare with me now, as I need to sort out a few thoughts here.

I process information over time, which means that I hear something and I need to think about it, be with it, sit with it for a bit of time before I can fully process it and incorporate it into my self.

I had my tarot read the other day. It was an awesome experience and one that reaffirmed that I am on the right path and that where I have come from was a place of success that I worked hard to obtain. Mostly what she told me (which was a LOT!)was thoughts and words of comfirmation. Two things she told me was that there is a man, hidden right now and I have to be the one to approach him (oh joy!) the other thing though was communication and how I communicate. There was a lot of communication in each of the 12 houses. Her comment to me was that I communicate well, however, I need to change how I communicate.

I have been sitting with this since then. This is something that is in every area of my life. So this is now what I am looking at and sitting with, how do I change the way I communicate.

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