Saturday, July 21, 2007

Going home for a visit

I am going to Three Rivers today to make dinner for my kids and watch a movie with them. I will spend the night and hang out with them in the morning tomorrow. I have a family reunion that I will only have time to pop in at and then I will be headed to a memorial service for my friend who committed suicide. After that I will return to my new home here in A2. I leave on Thursday for San Francisco and will be out of contact with anyone for 9 days. This trip is the 8 days of silence and they are saying no cell phones, no computers, no journaling...nothing. I will be sure and leave the emergency number with someone. I hope you all have a great weekend!


Ron said...

Aug 1, 2007

Woman Explodes On Retreat

San Francisco (AP)-- A woman reportedly "exploded" today while
on a retreat here in the city. A spokesman for the retreat said the woman was on an "eight days of silence" retreat, when, according to eyewitnesses, suddenly blew up right before their eyes. "It happens sometimes, having to keep silent for several days is simply more than some people can take" said an unnamed source at the scene.

ellen said...

I don't know which would be worse; keeping silent or not using my computer.

Katie said...

HA, aren't we funny Ron! Actually, I could live without my computer, if I had books and journals to read and write in....the whole point is to live in the present moment. If you read, or write, you are thinking of other things at that moment, rather than just exactly what is going on that very moment.

Scott said...

Do they allow recreational drugs???