Monday, July 23, 2007

US Postal Service

There are advantages to living in a city that you were born and raised in. The local postal workers know you by name, in fact they know you by the many different names that you acquire during your lifetime. My legal name is Catherine, but I go by Katie, Kate, Cathy.......and a few other names I can't put in print. It never seemed to matter what name was on the envelope, or where I lived, my mail arrived to me, without any problems. Now that I have moved to Ann Arbor, I am not having as good of luck with the Mail thing. Consider envelope addressed to Catherine Green, my correct address and apartment number, not put in my mail box, perhaps put in another tenants mail box, who then after deciding it was not their mail, posted it to the public bulletin board......this piece of mail happens to be a check you are waiting for.........for 5 digits..........yes......posted to a public bulletin board. I have not yet looked at that bulletin board, in fact, I did not even know it was there! I just happended to look there and saw mail hanging there and the curiosity in my moved closer.....there it was, in all of its glory. I met the mail woman this afternoon and asked her what I might do to be sure I get my mail. Hopefully, I will get my mail from now on.......although I am nervous about this, especially since I will be gone for 10 days..............what do people do with their mail and packages when they live in an apartment? I have never had this trouble neighbor across the hall helped me with a few things the other day.........I suppose I could ask them to get my mail for me........hmmm....I must think on this for a bit.


Legal Goddess said...

Thanks for your awesome comment on my blog - made my morning brighter. :) I have no interesting USPS story, other than I cannot stand them and use UPS for every package I send. Or FedEx. ANYTHING is better than our grand ol' USPS. Good luck with the 10 day hiatus! Enjoy!

ellen said...

Katie - why can't you have the PO hold your mail until you return? That's what I always do.
I always pick it up myself, though, when I get home; if I have them deliver it, it's not always successful.

Katie said...

I suppose it is time for me to locate the local post office and go in and request that they hold my mail. It is amazing that I have never had to think about this before! Thanks for the assistance my friends!