Tuesday, July 10, 2007

3 more nights to sleep here......

Thank you Ellen for the encouragement, I slept a little restless.....with this odd feeling of......"are you sure about all of this????????" I do know it is the right thing........and I will question this again I am sure of it!! Deep down though, I do know that I am doing the right thing.

Today is some odds and end type things around here. Wednesday and Thursday I am actually going into the office to help them with a few things. I did find out that it is a sure thing that I can NOT make beads in my apartment. At the lease signing I agreed to not even store any type of fuel, and also not have even a gas grill.....so I am fairly certain they might notice a propane tank on my balcony with a hose running into the apartment ;o) I do have a plan...more on that later. For now..........I am off to clean bathrooms.....I hope your day is great.

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