Sunday, July 15, 2007

I made it!

I am taking a break from unpacking, this is the first time I have gotten to check email since Friday. Comcast (I so hate them) finally showed up at 8pm yesterday. You know how they schedule installs......between 12pm and 4pm.....and don't bother to call to tell you they are running late....and oh...btw....if I scheduled this install WEEKS ago....shouldn't I have been first on the list? (I am sure they schedule by area...but still!!) I called them around 5pm.....after FINALLY getting to speak to a human....she says...."what is your home number?" I said....."I don't HAVE one, since you have not come to install it yet!!!!!!" Ohhh...I was NOT happy, she could sense that (ROFLMAO) She did give me a $20 dollar discount on my first bill....THEN, when the install guy finally calls.....his first sentence to me is...."Do you still want me to come?" "I said......this IS getting installed are coming to do it, after I waited around this apartment for 8 hours....YES!!" He was like....ok,I was just asking. My kids were rolling on the floor laughing their asses off! (I of course was not...LOL). You have never seen so much shit in your life. I just keep plugging away.....Chrystal and Jordan left about 2 hours ago.....I cried for a while after they left (Ben is still here) I said to him...."What if they need me and don't call me?" (as I was sobbing of course) He said...."we will momma....I promise". I know I am going to miss them...and I will be homesick.....I just have to get through that. Ok...back to this maddness....I need to get through everything so that I can have Ben take down what I want in storage before he leaves. I have one more car load back in TR that I will get next weekend, most of that will go into storage here. Anyway....the garbage is horrendous.....I am going to take the next load out after neighbors are going to kill me for filling up the dumpster! Peace!


Scott said...

Yes sweety....
Comcast is hell on Earth. I have had to deal with them 4 times.....and I have four horror stories to go with them.


Katie said...

Thank you :o) Someone told me that they "bought" Ann Arbor, meaning no other cable company is allowed to service Ann Arbor....THAT is called a monopoly, and THAT is illegal...I must be missing something...but I didn't like Comcast in Three Rivers, and I know I don't like them here....Grrrrrrrrr.