Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Tomorrow couldn't come soon enough!

Wow, I just met with a PhD student and I cried afterwards. Seriously, this is going to suck ass. LMAO (I knew that fact...but....I guess I have been burying my head in the sand). The funding issues is majorly F'd up. I am going to have to take loans, and depending on what my award letter says (that I was told was mailed yesterday) I am likley going to need to work......A LOT! I won't go into much more detail on a public is very cloak and dagger here.....and little miss spill my guts is going to have to learn to keep my mouth SHUT. I will be treading lightly for the next year, just trying to keep my nose clean and my head above water....................this ain't Kansas Toto!! SOOOOOO, I get to forget about it all and travel a bit further East to see my firends Scott and Scott and have FUN. Thank you my friends for dragging my ass with you.....I hope you won't regret it! LMAO!. Peace out!

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Scott said...

Maybe you talked to the wrong student. ;-)

Keep your friends close and your enemies closer!