Thursday, October 30, 2008

Oh my aching tooth!

Yes folks I started having that feeling that soon I would have to visit the dentist. Last Friday it started to become of a more urgent feeling, as I waited out the weekend (the pain has been like no other) I could barely wait for Monday morning. Once I got to the School of Dentistry I was told that I need a root canal or a tooth extraction. Having no money or insurance I have to opt for the extraction. HOWEVER, I can not get in for an appointment for that until November 13th!!!! Why they don't build emergency visits into their schedule is beyond me. They put me on Pen VK to get rid of the infection. That finally started to help a little with the pain yesterday, but I am in for 2 weeks of pain that really is kicking my ass. I of course don't have time for this! Yesterday I had minor surgery on my face to have a cyst removed, thankfully that pain is nothing compared to the tooth.

Otherwise, all is well. I am going home to see the kids and my parents this weekend, although I have tons of homework to do while I am there. I am looking forward to seeing them.

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