Friday, October 26, 2007


Why is it that I seem so unmotivated? I have a paper due at midnight tonight and I have no motivation to write it. Oh, it is started and all, I just keep finding something else to do, besides sit down and finish it. The thing is, if I would just DO it........then I could enjoy the rest of the day/evening without that panic of needing to get it done. My roomate will be moving in on Sunday. I am looking forward to it.........and......I am nervous about it. What if she makes me nuts? I am sure it will be fine, and honestly it is likely a good thing for me, as I think I am getting a little eccenric spending so much time by myself. The bonus here is she likes to walk and I would so love someone to walk with. Although I really need to just go to the gym. Ok......I think I will look for some motivation and pump this puppy out and be done with it. Peace.


Joe said...

I know what you mean. I am bad about putting off my classwork. I have a test I should be studying for. But goofing on the internet is much more fun that reading finance textbooks!

Little said...

If you have a roommate, you can put that extra $$$ aside and come visit me @ LUSH! I'll send you away with some goodies and lots of samples. ;-)

Katie said...

Yes indeed Joe, it is much more fun! Too fun!

Little......oh baby, I am coming to see you, trust me! I won't have a big wad, but enough to give me a few lux baths!! I will email you for your schedule, maybe we can catch lunch on your break! HUGS!