Sunday, October 14, 2007

The "Real Team" showed up!

College football this year has been interesting to watch. There have been so many surprises. Michigan however is quietly having a good season (now). The "real" michigan team showed up yesterday and creamed Purdue. It was a fun game to watch. For some strange reason my seat was changed just for the Purdue game. I typically sit in the 86 row on the 20 yard line. I love those seats because I can see the game the best. The seat I sat in yesterday was in the 50th row and it was on the side of the end zone. It was amazing how much this changed the experience of watching the game. Fortunately it was not an endzone seat, it is difficult to see the game watching from the was fun. Michigan should get ranked now, somewhere back in the top 25, but they likely won't. The hardest games are coming up. Illinois (who lost yesterday to Iowa) and OSU, who is still undefeated but has the easiest schedule of any team out there. Ok...enough of my football report. Today is homework day..............and preparing for homework for the week. LOTS to goal is to get to TR for a few days this week too. There is lots to be done there and I can use the cash. I wil catch yo uall laters!

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