Monday, October 08, 2007

A new week!

As Buddha says, every day is a new day and what you do today, matters the most. Lately, this is a good thing for me, as each day I seem to "fail" at being me.......hmmm.....that really is not the way to say it. Each day does bring failures, but it also brings success, I think lately my successful moments are few and far between. It is interesting that I chose to leave my hometown where I was rather successful, in a job that was full of successful moments, in a home that had three bright beautiful creations that I was wondrefully successful at raising, to come to a much larger city, where I know no one, to a program that is difficult (as it should be).......and I wonder why I feel as if my successful moments are few and far between?? That is pretty funny. I have discussed it here all along, this transition is HUGE for me and this year has been MANY changes collectively to create this HUGE transition. I shouldn't be so hard on myelf huh? I do however need to get up to speed and stay on top........this being buried thing........really sucks. I am not even sure if there is a light at the end of this tunnel, that is how buried I feel. There must be of course and I have a plan, as I do everyday, and hopefully, if I keep working my plan, and changing it when it needs it, and working it some more......I will come to the end of the tunnel. Now.....the fact that my program is five years long.......means that I really need to get it figured out THIS term.........I can't spend five years like life is perptually like this though, I seem to make choices that create this for me.....that is interesting as well.............ok....enough babble........on to the tasks at hand............peace out.

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ellen said...

My best friend owned a restaurant and everyone loved going there. The food was great and the table-hopping was always fun. Great atmosphere.
I remember her telling me once, though, that she always remembered and focused on that one or two customers that weren't happy for whatever reason.
Five years is a long "tunnel" chica but there is light at the end; it's just impossible to see right now.
Section your life - either by the month, week or day. You can do it.