Tuesday, October 30, 2007


I felt the need to come and post.......and here I sit, blankly staring at the screen. I read many blogs and I am always impressed with the prose of those who write them. I started this blog as a "personal journal" of sorts. A place for me to come and "spill my guts". Some of you come and read (I am not quite sure why you come back, but some actually do come back!) and leave lovely comments that spur me on to keep "spilling". I have a desire for this to be more than that, and yet I seem to continue to come and spill. It is possible that it is all I need to do. Possibly it is not my role to entertain you with my writing ability or my whit, but rather be real and share the realities of my life in a rather rote manner. Rote may be too critical, but you get my point. For now, I suppose that I will settle for this and continue to drone on. My brain can only do so much and I believe that I am reserving it for the scholarly writing that must be produced for people who actually hold my future in their hands. Certainly they could not appreciate my passive writing skills! I am beginning to settle in a bit more each day. I feel that I have grown much over these first weeks of the doctoral program, which excites me as I look forward and know that there is much more growing and learning ahead of me. I hope that life is treating you each well and that you have peace and joy in the many corners that you turn. Peace.

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Simplistic Pam said...

Oh, I like reading your blog! And I always hope you've written a longer entry, so I was happy to see this one.