Tuesday, October 23, 2007


It is chilly!! I love to cuddle up with a blanket and be all cozy. I am resigning myself to the fact that until mid December I will be reading and writing every day. I feel like I am getting my footing and I will be so happy to be finished with these classes that are not my cup of tea. It will be nice to get into the research that is my field of study and see some results of my work. I hope that you are all enjoying your life! Peace.


Joe said...

I love the cold weather. Grab a cup of hot chocolate, a nice warm blanket, and turn on a good movie. Winter is my favorite season!

Good luck with your class work!

ellen said...

Just think - when you finally do get into your "thing", you'll be cranking out the papers without even breaking a sweat!
If you can write about stuff you don't really care about - the rest will be a breeze.

Katie said...

Thanks Joe and Ellen, I agree, winter is awesome (however it is probably nicer in Alabama!) and very good point Ellen, if I can write about stuff I don't care about......it can only be easier once I actually get to write about stuff I DO care about ;o)

Joe said...

The one thing I hate about winters here down South is we don't get any snow. I hate that. I grew up in Mississippi and when I was small we'd get snow every year. But not anymore.

I have a 5 year old son and a soon to be 3 year old son who have never seen snow in person. My 9 year old boy has only seen it once.